Leggett and Platt adjustable with latex mattresses
Aug 24, 2011 8:32 PM
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Has anyone purchased and used a Leggett and Platt (or other vendor -- e.g. Ergonomic) adjustable with a latex mattress? If so, what is your mattress configuration? Which model adjustable? Any advice? How solid is the base they provide?

I'm going to purchase a latex mattress -- probably 6" of natural dunlop, with another 2-3" of natural talalay. That in combination with our weight will bring the total to ~450 lbs. That's at the limit for a majority of the P&L models. I'm not interested in all the bells and whistles that their higher end models offer, but I'll probably end up purchasing the S-cape or Prodigy just for the heavier duty engines (600 lb limit).





Re: Leggett and Platt adjustable with latex mattresses
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Just purchased the Ergomotion 400 in a split king configuration. The base is very solid and heavy. The mattresses are latex twin XL's from SleepEZ - Select Sleep 10000 in natural dunlop - soft over medium over firm. Love it! Purchased the Ergo from Ortho because they were local, could deliver and setup next day, and beat the best online price I found. Did test drive the L&P Prodigy at Sit & Sleep and it is very nice too...more bells and whistles than the Ergomotion - longer extended warranty, preset favorite positions, alarm, and body wave massage.
Re: Leggett and Platt adjustable with latex mattresses
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I have Leggett and Platt S-cape (with dc motor) split king with pure latex bliss Nutrition model mattress(11" talalay latex) for 1 1/2 week. It's working out great.

With split king, each twin XL,can support 450LB, so the total weight will be 900 lb

 Leggett and Platt makes their S-cape with either AC motor or DC motor, DC motor can lift up to 450 lb, AC motor can lift up to 600 lb. But AC motor is much noisier!, Sleepy's used to carry AC motor S-cape, but switched to DC motor this spring.  S-cape is called Living Comfort at sleepys.

Haven't had the need to use Leggett and Platt customer service yet since I purchased the bed, but L&P was very helpful before my purchase. I had to call L&P directly when I was trying to sort out  which type of motor sleepys s-cape use, L&Pcustomer service gave me the above info.  (Sleepys sales people and the people answer their help line were no help, they don't know what they are selling).

Later on, sleepys customer service people were able to check and told me the S-cape in all Sleepys PA stores are still AC motor. The last time I checked( a few  weeks ago), it's still the case. You maybe able to test drive ac motor bed at your local sleepys if they haven't changed them.

The massage function doesn't do much for me or my husband, it's just a vibration, but we know this before the purchase. Even with wall hugger feature,I am still away from my night stand when I raise the head portion of the bed, but that may have something to do with the 11" thick mattress.

So far, the S-cape and 11" latex mattress works great. We couldn't be happier!

Re: Leggett and Platt adjustable with latex mattresses
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Thanks for all the feedback. I ended up purchasing a split queen L&P Pro-motion. The split queen ergomotion was too wide for my existing frame. Plus, L&P customer service redeemed themselves. I am satisfied with my decision.

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