Latex over coil mattress question
Jun 2, 2012 3:54 PM
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I am in the market for a king sized hybrid mattress (latex over pocket coil) w/minimal poly foam. Not much in my area but I did travel to a place that had a Green Sleep Saluna Mattress. It has a 3 " latex topper on a firmish pocket spring mattress. It was a great feeling bed. Unfortunately the price was way out of my range.  However, I am toying with the idea of creating a bed that is close to that feel. A local company Jamestown mattress will make me a custom mattress. I am toying with the idea of quoting me it 2 ways. One with the latex top / pocket coil and one with just a barebones pocket coil mattress and I purchase the top separately.  Will see which way is more cost effective.

I am, however, having a hard time finding the specs on the Green Sleep Saluna bed.  If anyone knows where I could find these or how to find them, that would be great. One web site did mention the 3" topper was all natural dunlop and judging by the feel of the topper I would say it was in the soft to medium range though I would bet soft.  The pocket springs were pretty firm and resulted in a medium firm feel overall.  Could not locate specs on the spring system either.

Anyone have any other options for me? Maybe a competitor that is less expensive? Latex over pocket coil.


Re: Latex over coil mattress question
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Not sure the cost on the Shifman but I would look at a bed called the Sprout Firmus.  Its made in Edmonton out of all natural materials, it is 2 sided like the Shifman and hand tufted, but with pocket coils.  Zoned 800 count, not sure the guage, but I reckon relatively thick, its a pretty beefy mattress.  That with a seperate latex topper would probably do what you want too. If your goal is to get something really good quality but less expensive than the Green Sleep this would be a good option. 

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