Latex in St. Pete (FL)
Dec 18, 2010 2:26 PM
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Hello all,
   I have been spending some time in the forums recently and there seems to be a wealth of information out there about mattresses that I would have never imagined.  I'm in the market for a new bed and I live in the St. Petersburg, FL area.  From what I've gathered there are many quality, high value regional mattress manufacturers/retailers around the country.  This is pleasing to know because I have always been weary of the conventional mattress giants.  Would anyone be willing to guide me towards a famed local dealer or give me some advice on finding a new mattress? 
   To tell you a little about myself and my mattress history...I've been sleeping on a spring coil mattress for most of my life and I've never had any major complaints.  I don't have any back problems, but I occasionally experience a sore back mostlikely as the result of my extremely active lifestyle (sports, weightlifting, triathlons, etc.).  I'm 6' tall and weigh 193 lbs.  I'm in the market for a high quality, solid value king-sized mattress and foundation in the range of $1500-$2000 (all together).  I truly value my rest and I want to invest in a legimated bed (for the first time- I'm only 24) that will last a good while and feel like Heaven to sleep on. 
   When I initially started my research I was leaning towards a memory foam mattress.  I've always had a fascination with Tempurpedic mattresses for some reason, yet have never slept on one until a month or two ago.  A girl I've recently started dating has a queen-sized Tempurpedic (Classic?) bed that I've slept in a handful of times and I'm fairly pleased with it.  I found it a little firm at first, but I'm growing to like it more and more...I think her lack of comfortable pillows was throwing me off at first.  Anways, my parents and sister have purchased Bragada memory foam beds within the past two years and have been generally satisfied with them.  However, they have mentioned some sagging in the foam, but it has not been of great concern to them.  
   I don't think I would like a mattress that is very firm; however, my posture is very important to me.  I generally like a cozy, comfortable bed with elegant bedding.  I've looked into the Tempurpedic mattresses as well as some of their knock-offs.  After coming to this forum it seems like a lot of the members are recommending Latex mattresses.  This spurned my research into SleepEZ beds, Original Mattress Factory mattresses, and a few others.  If anyone would be so helpful as to give me their opinion and insight given my situation, budget, and preferences, I would greatly appreciate it. 
   Thank you for any help you may be able to provide me.
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OK, here's a few more that are either in St. Petersburg or reasonably close. Regional manufacturer. I'm including this even though the closest is Kimsimmee because they have great value. National manufacturer. I'm including this one because they build all the Restonic in FL and they are one of the "better" national brands in some areas (they are different in different areas). If you come across Restonic anywhere this will give you a way to check what's in it. Local manufacturer in Ellenton They are a specialty manufacturer usually available through retail outlets. They have a latex/poly and memory foam line. Good for testing out what construction feels good but are often priced more than I would pay. They would probably give you the names of retail outlets that carry them near you Retailer. Mostly "S" brands and King Koil but also carries Vivon memory foam mattresses imported from UAE which are different from most. Local manufacturer. Carries memory foam and latex mattresses. Local manufacturer. These guys look kind of interesting. Carry both latex and memory foam but they also use recycled plastic bottles in some of their mattresses. I'd be curious about what they were like. Retailer. In Tampa. They have a range of latex and memory foam combinations including Keetsa. A bit of greenwashing happening here and I doubt I would buy something here but they would make a great testing ground for various latex memory foam combinations. Retailer. Carries a range of memory foam and latex mattresses. Don't know prices. Retailer. Mainly "S" brands but carries CMG (Carolina mattress guild) and has the embody series for "testing". Sell polyfoam and memory foam. Foam store in Tarpon springs. Their site only lists mattresses with Viness memory foam which is lower density and quality but they also have Sensus toppers so they should be able to make a mattress with Sensus which is a higher quality memory foam. National retailer of mostly lower cost memory foam and waterbeds. Their headquarters and only storefront is in Tampa should you be inclined to go there. Retailer in Tampa. Carries Dormia memory foam and poly/latex. Also sells on ebay under mattressdreams. If you go here be aware that most of these are latex over poly but would make a good "budget" latexlike alternative and good testing ground. Clearwater Retailer. Sells memory foam and latex






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Phoenix- thank you for your insightful suggestions.  I will be checking out a few of these locations this week :)
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I recently purchased two memory foam mattresses from a small dealer in St Petersburg. One was for me and one was for my daughter. The place is called mikes memory foam ( I Googled memory foam mattress St Petersburg and they came up). I compared what he was selling before purchasing. Research online is easy. I am extremely happy with both mattresses and the prices were surprisingly reasonable. Only drawback is that there is no showroom and it's an online store so I was a little apprehensive at first but after calling them I felt better. I paid with Paypal. Hope this helps




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