Latex Bed Foundations
Mar 26, 2010 3:27 PM
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Hello All,

This is my first post. I have been lurking around the forum for several months. I am probably going to purchase a king size mattress from Sleep EZ soon. I am considering an 8500 or 10000 organic model.

I am considering  purchasing the foundation for the mattress locally to save some money on purchase of the foundation. I asked Shaun at Sleep EZ about using a standard foundation and he said it would be fine as long as the slats were no more than 3" apart.

After checking with my local bed retailer I have found that the standard spacing for what they are calling a standard "Tritan" foundation is 12" apart. They claim that no manufacturers are making a foundation with the slats anywhere near 3" apart.  I thought that I have seen several post by people that were indeed using standard foundations from the major manufacturers under their latex mattresses. 

Does anyone have any experience with using a standard foundation under their latex mattress? Is the 12" slat spacing O.K. or will it be a problem under the latex mattress?

Re: Latex Bed Foundations
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Yes I do have a foundation, but is a box spring with springs in it. I am under the impression that box springs with springs are not appropriate for latex mattresses.

My sales person checked with the Sealey, Stearns&Foster, Bassett Rep. He told her that they did not make any foundations with the slats 3" apart. He told her that they were all 12".

I wanted to go with Sealey, Stearns&Foster or Bassett because they use covers on all there mattresses and foundations that contain no fire retardants. They use a blend that contains kevlar and wool on their covers that does not require the use of fire retardants on the mattresses and foundations.   

Re: Latex Bed Foundations
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Does anyone have an opinion or experience about a good quality futon frame as a foundation for latex?

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