Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
Mar 11, 2012 6:56 PM
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Hi, everyone.

We've been trying to get our new Flobed 'comfortable' for a couple of months now, and are (unfortunately) about ready to throw in the towel, as NOTHING we've tried seems supportive AND comfortable.  (Basically no support and our backs hurt, or too firm and our pressure points like hips hurt - even with the V-Zone).  (That said, the Flobed guys have been absolutely great to work with and have tried their darndest to help us).

We have the Euroslats, and I'm really wondering if THAT'S what the issue is.

Does anyone have Euroslats with a Flobed and like or dislike them?

The weird thing (to me) about the Euroslats is that they are concave, and have a slight 'hump' / bend to them - which if you lie in the exact middle (top of the hump, so to speak), 'should' cause the slats to bend and distribute your weight.  But the one thing I've noticed is that if you don't lie in the exact center of the 'hump' left to right, the mattress seems to 'angle' downward toward wherever you're laying - which doesn't happen nearly as noticeably on a traditional mattress.

I picked up some 1/2'' plywood at Home Depot today, and am going to try the mattress on top of my old box springs with the plywood over it - basically to provide an absolutely 'level' surface.

We did try the mattress over the old box springs and found that we got a hump in the center with sloping toward either side of the bed, as the box spring 'edge' in the center of the bed provided more support than the springs themselves under the center of the mattress.  Weird.  So, the plywood is my attempt to rectify that - not a long term solution, but am curious as to what will happen..

Thx in advance for any / all feedback on using the Euroslats with the Flobed..I'm really thinking our bodies just aren't cut out for this type of foundation..

Re: Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
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No experience with Euroslats but I can testify that sleeping (or trying to sleep) at a slant, even a subtle one, does cause stress on a body.   More than you'd think.   When my old bed failed it developed an odd sinkhole on one side  and I didn't know it at the time but my FLOOR was also adding to the slantiness of the bed.  (In old houses often the floors slope and aren't level  - so theside of the bed near the wall can be higher than the side near the center of the room.     Because of the mattress and the slanted floor, I was basically fighting gravity all night to keep from sliding down into the hole - which twisted my body and back & I believe led to herniated disks (other things contributed but Im sure that was a factor.  I know because every time I tried to sleep on that bed again it caused lower back pain.


Arent the slats supposed to be adjustable?  I think the larger sizes  that have two concave parts side by side would be problematic  - seems it would be a struggle having to keep from sliding down into the valley in the center between the two concave parts.

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Re: Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
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Dallas Girl

Which flat wood foundation did you end up buying?


I'm in a similar position in that i have a latex bed from Sleep EZ 

Re: Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
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Hi alopex,

We purchase it from Sovn here in Dallas. But- it's quite similar to the solid wood foundation from SleepEz I think? High quality- the wood slats are pretty close together.

Re: Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
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I would send back the Euroslats and get a slat platform bed (I have the one from FloBeds that I ended up getting free on one of their sales during the price reduction during the 90 days) and you will see such an amazing improvement. I can only sleep on a flat surface.
Re: Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
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Bear63 - did you try the plywood?  Did it help?  I am also trying to figure out if a euroslat foundation is the source of the problem with our new Flobed.  Thanks!
Re: Flobed & Euroslats - anyone like/dislike?
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troof wrote:

Bear63 - did you try the plywood?  Did it help?  I am also trying to figure out if a euroslat foundation is the source of the problem with our new Flobed.  Thanks!

I've wondered about those bent/adjustable slat systems.  As I see it, getting Latex foam rubber 'right' is hard enough without having to tweak the platform.

It appears that their primary purpose is to put a lateral camber into the Latex mattress to counter the body weight compression coming from above... to make the mattress effectively more firm by arching it upward like some flatbed trucks are built with an arch for very heavy loads.  This attempt sort of makes sense because Latex comes in slabs of even firmness but the typical body weight distribution is NOT even, so there is good cause to compensate for this mismatch between even Latex firmness and uneven body weight... mostly at the hips.  Zoned Latex is meant to solve this issue.

But, as I see it, the camber needs to be longitudal, running the length of the body and peaking at the hips, not running side-to-side as dictated by the nature of slats.  And even if so/possible, such a cambering of the slats could not be certain to target each individual's need for more zonal firmness.  So, I say why bother... keep the platform flat, solid, and ventilated, and fix the firmness of the Latex... zonally, if that is what it takes.

Since Latex International is a key US manufacturer, I would keep an eye on them.  Notice the blue-zoned Latex foam rubber core on this page that is discussing Latex in general.  I think that it is telling that they highlight Latex zoning, or rather the need for Latex zoning, while not even discussing Latex zoning.

That's my view of Euroslats... they don't solve the problem... unless the problem is wimpy weak slats.


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