Deciding to go the latex route
Dec 30, 2010 11:45 AM
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Our latex topper on our old spring mattress isn't cutting it anymore, so we've decided to go all latex, and order off the net.  We're looking at king size. Im 5'11"200, side and stomach sleeper. Wife is 5'10", 155, side and back sleeper. 

We're considering a talalay blended, 5.5" core base and 2" ILD 22 topper on our existing box springs from Az premium, with zippered 1.5" cotton/wool cover (Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Sleep System). Thinking firm base for me and medium for her, not sure what those ILDs would be?

Would 3 layers be a better choice for a couple like us?  Any other advice you may have would be most appreciated.


Re: Deciding to go the latex route
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You have a few options that sell latex in the DC area and I would certainly try them out as it's the most accurate way to tell what type of layering works best for you. Retailer. They sell a wide range of latex mattresses made by Restwell including custom layering. Retailer. They sell Sensa mattresses which have different latex options (their Z pedic is Sensa) Manufacturer. They manufacture latex mattresses and have a list of retail outlets some of which may be close to you Retailer. They carry a line of mattresses called "Pure latex bliss" which are very good testing grounds Retailer. They also carry Pure latex bliss and may have a wider variety

This should give you something to "test out" and put you in a much better position to order online.


PS: I would strongly consider a slatted foundation instead of your boxsprings. A foundation is generally much better to use with an all foam mattress and I believe this would be especially true with your stomach sleeping where it could easily contribute to hammocking.

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