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Jul 9, 2010 10:23 PM
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Old member here.  Haven't been on this board in forever.  Previously, I tried to make a latex bed work for me.  At the time, I bought the latex from  Apparently, they've changed hands?  Also, they have on their website a BBB rating of 'A+' (a non-clickable icon)...but if you look them up, they're an 'F' rating.  Obviously, I'm hesitant to do business with them again.  I've also noticed they have multiple other websites under different names, selling the same products.  I find the whole thing disturbing.  I remember a much different place when Mark (Batman on this board) owned it.


I read on their website about a 6lb. density foam they sell.  Since I had a bad experience experimenting with latex before, I think I'm going for a memory foam mattress this time around.  I've heard of Sensus before.  I've also noticed that Foamex is going by a different name now?  FXI?  Obviously, I'm kindof 'out of the loop' again on what is available. 


I know the base should be a HD foam with at least one memory foam top layer.  I was going to try to find the foam and make it myself...but was having problem finding base foams.  I did find the following:


...which seems like it would work as a base for the bed.


I then went looking for the top layer of memory foam.  Sigh.  Nothing like alot of choices. lists a 4" 6lb. memory foam topper for: $679 (queen).  Ouch.  LOL.  3" 6lb: $519.  It's advertised as 'cooler' and is soy based.  Whatever.  lol.


Not sure what depth to buy, but I'm pretty sure I'm looking at either 3" or 4".  I'm 220lb., but most of that is in the middle (hence my problem with latex beds...'pear shaped').  So unsure on the depth.


Wasn't sure if Sensus was still around, so did a Google search and stumbled across  Seems like all their foams are US made by Foamex (now FXI).  They have the following pre-packaged memory foam bed for sale:


This interested me.  I can switch the base foams around if I want to, and everything isn't all glued together.  I did find alot of typos on their website, outdated information and broken links.  The picture for the above conflicts with the information that is below it regarding the ILD of the base layers (and amount of base layers). 


Throw into the mix that they offer what appears to be Aerus Natural (4lb).  It's supposedly a 'natural' foam and is soy-based and supposedly 'cooler' than regular memory foam.


I had also read here to look for 6" base of M-Grade foam from  I did call the company a couple days ago about that.  They only offer the M-Grade foam base in 9" depth...and it's $400+.  Gulp...


Decisions decisions.  I'm wondering if I should buy the base material from and a 4" topper from save myself the headace (hopefully) and try the sleepwarehouse bed in the link above...and have a 3" memory foam layer on top with varying ILD base layers.


Anyone have experience with  Their BBB rating is pretty solid.  Their website...seriously needs some help. lol.  Any other thoughts about a DYI memory foam mattress?


Thanks everyone in advance ;)



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Have you checked out  Their Brighton 12" is a memory foam mattress that does not have latex and the MF is 5 lb density.
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Oops, I just noticed in your original post that you are balking at $400 for the base foam so maybe rockymountain is out of your price range.
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I had the sleepwarehouse 10 inch mattress (base is 1.8lbs.) and believe you would better off with  say 6 inch  from  foamdistributing


and  start with 2inchs of Sensus. The guy that runs  sleepwarehouse is ok. Dont buy the stuff from Overstock , not the same.

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Thanks DianeK and rocket. 


DianeK:  I did some looking around at and their products don't seem to use Foamex products, which I want to try to stay with.  I didn't balk so much at the price of the $400 slab of base foam from as much as the size of it.    9" is alot, and it's a single density.  I really don't want that much base foam in a single density (which I'm not even sure what the specs are on that foam).  They don't list it on their website for sale.  I had to call about it.  If it was half that thick, I'd check it out.  But I don't have a horizontal foam slicer handy to cut a slab like that :P 


Right now, I'm thinking about a mattress which is 12" Queen (which is the size of my current mattress, and would be the same height as the shelf of my backboard).  I'd like to do as rocket suggested and go with only 2" of Sensus on top, and maybe 2 inches of Aerus on top of that just to cool it off a bit (I could always switch those 2 layers if I didn't like the Aerus).  That leaves me with 8 inches of base foam.  Since I'm a little heavy in the middle, but don't want too firm a mattress, I was thinking of maybe 5" of LUX HQ FOAM from and 3" of HD36 HQ from them on top of that.  It sounds like the HD36 HQ isn't as firm as the LUX, so I'm hoping that it softens the bed up a little without making it too soft and losing support.  If it does, I can switch the 2 layers and have the LUX on top and the HD36 on the bottom.  Sensus and Aerus from  And a cover from (although it's kindof expensive).  So I'd like to try:


$110.00 12" Zipper Terry Cloth Stretch Cover-Queen

$49 for cover shipping

$209.00 2" Aerus Memory foam (free memory foam pillow) (free ship)

$225.00 2" Sensus Memory foam (free memory foam pillow) (free ship)

$122.00 3" of HD36 HQ foam (free ship) 2.8 PCF

$203.65 5" of LUX HQ foam (free ship) 2.8 PCF


$918.65 total


I could try this combination without the Aerus at first...which would save me $209 and I'd just tuck the extra 2" of the 12" cover under the foam. 


Any opinions or suggestions for this setup?

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Did you go with the 5" 3" 2" 2" for memory foam? I was looking at the sleepwarehouse 10" bed as well, but noticed the comment on the low quality of the base foams and that has scared me away lol.

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