DIY mattress resource guide?
Jan 30, 2011 8:52 PM
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I just went to the Foam sweet Foam showroom and tested their mattresses.  Both my wife and I loved them, but did not love the price.  The three layer (3" each) matresses were $1799.  We were hoping to stick below $1200.  


That being said I think we are going to try the DIY route to lower the cost.  I have spent the last hour looking on this blog for places to order from, but I have only came up with a few.  So far its Foambymail, foamsourse, sleeplikeabear,  

The prices and, I would assume, the quality vary on these four, but are there any more?  Can somebody recommend a decent lower cost supplier that is maybe better then FBM.  It seems FBM is a bit of a crap shoot.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  

Also, does anybody have any recommendations for the cover?  Foamsweetfoam had a nice wool cover, but it seems most of these places sell a zippable terry cloth one.  One of the reasons that I am getting latex is that I have a high allergy to dust mites and Im worried that the wool cover can harbor those crazy pests.  Thanks for all your help in advance.

On a side note, has anybody mixed a dunlop base with talalay for the middle and comfort layers.  It seems that the firmness and density of dunlop would work great as a base, but I usually see mattresses that are all of one or all of the other.   

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Re: DIY mattress resource guide?
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Points: 171 These are Dunlop and are not the best value IMO but they are probably the most stringent in their independent chemical and purity testing which may be important to some. They do have an "econo" version as well which is better value. They offer high quality and good levels of customization and have a zoned model. Many people like them because of their return and warranty provisions however I believe they are a little too high priced compared to some others. I'm including these for comparison purposes only as they are well known and high quality. They do have a good reputation and their prices are lower at some of their dealers than on their website however I have not seen them anywhere close to low enough to consider them good value. Good value. They use Radium blended Talalay and LI natural. They have mostly 6+2 constructions listed on their site but since they are a factory they do offer other options as well in Dunlop, blended, and natural Talalay. Good value. They offer blended Talalay in "soft medium and firm" constructions and are not quite as customizable as others. Free shipping on returns. I know nothing about these people as I have not talked to them and only recently came across them. They offer a 20 (natural)/80 (synthetic)blend which may not be LI so I would certainly confirm what it was and any details of their service and ILD's available but they do seem to have good prices for their blend. Good value. They specialize in latex over springs but also make all latex 2 sided. Good value. 2 sided Talalay. Manufacturer so will customize how you want. Among the lowest cost for latex however there have been reports that what you receive may not be what you ordered. Included for their price alone. Good value. Will make a 9" Talalay zip cover with LG dunlop for 12-1300 Queen. Also custom manufacturer. I am including them here because they make a 9" vegan Dunlop mattress for those that are attracted to this. Requires a prescription (no fire barrier) Another one that requires a prescription with no fire barrier Good value. 9" zip cover natural Talalay with good choices. Good value. Can be customized soft medium firm only.  Dunlop latex with very nice cover and free return if necessary. Good value. 9" natural Talalay and great return policy. No customization though I'm including him because he had decent value (quoted $1599 for 9" blended talalay) and probably would have gone down a bit but was a little pushy on the phone when I started asking some "tough" questions. In the hopes he was having a bad day and giving him the benefit of the doubt, I thought I'd include him this time. Good value. Typically 11" natural or blended Talalay but makes 9" as well. Uses a customization method that I believe is more accurate than others Good value. Has many Dunlop and natural and blended Talalay options. Layered zip cover Dunlop. A little more than most but have some different layer thickness options than others. They also post their chemical testing.|93|1924&N=4001714%204294898653&Mo=10&No=7&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav= Good valuefor 10" Dunlop even though unfortunately it's not on sale any longer. Great return policy Have only talked with them very briefly. Dunlop core and talalay or dunlop on top. Included only because they offer the Sam's club mattress for several hundred less. Have not talked to them so I don't know their return policy. Good value. Mostly Dunlop but has some talalay as well. Confusing website (at least for me) but has some good options and has some good deals in their clearance section as well. 8" Dunlop core Talalay top. Have only talked with them briefly 6", 8", and 10" Natural Talalay. Haven't talked with them but they looked interesting enough to include Natural Talalay and Dunlop. A little high Dunlop with thick wool option. Thicker mattresses on main page have some poly






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