DIY mattress resource guide?
Jan 30, 2011 8:52 PM
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I just went to the Foam sweet Foam showroom and tested their mattresses.  Both my wife and I loved them, but did not love the price.  The three layer (3" each) matresses were $1799.  We were hoping to stick below $1200.  


That being said I think we are going to try the DIY route to lower the cost.  I have spent the last hour looking on this blog for places to order from, but I have only came up with a few.  So far its Foambymail, foamsourse, sleeplikeabear,  

The prices and, I would assume, the quality vary on these four, but are there any more?  Can somebody recommend a decent lower cost supplier that is maybe better then FBM.  It seems FBM is a bit of a crap shoot.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  

Also, does anybody have any recommendations for the cover?  Foamsweetfoam had a nice wool cover, but it seems most of these places sell a zippable terry cloth one.  One of the reasons that I am getting latex is that I have a high allergy to dust mites and Im worried that the wool cover can harbor those crazy pests.  Thanks for all your help in advance.

On a side note, has anybody mixed a dunlop base with talalay for the middle and comfort layers.  It seems that the firmness and density of dunlop would work great as a base, but I usually see mattresses that are all of one or all of the other.   

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