DIY Tempurpedic or which clone is best?
May 15, 2011 2:54 PM
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I've been researching beds off and on for a while now, and am really ready to buy something but it is very confusing. Every time I think I have figured out what to buy I read something negative about my choice and feel like I'm back to square one. I know that most people on here seem to prefer latex but I really like memory foam and would like to either build my own Tempurpedic or buy one of the look-alikes already put together. I was looking at Restava and was going to go with one of theirs but then I read somewhere that they are some other company renamed, and evidently the other company had a lot of complaints. But on Facebook they look I don't know. I was even thinking of but then read negative reviews about them and I'm suspicious of all their postive feedback, not sure it is real (probably not).

So then I thought well I'll make my own with some poly foam, maybe 6 inches, and then maybe 1 inch of latex and maybe 3 inches of memory foam (based on a post here). As far as the Tempur beds I have tried them in the store and I like the Deluxe but loved the Cloud Supreme and Cloud Luxe in the shop (but maybe too soft?), and thought maybe the best bet was the Allura.

So please, can anyone tell me if any of the knock-off companies that make similar beds to TP are any good? And if not, is my best bet the DIY route? I simpy don't want to pay $4000+ for a bed because I know there are much cheaper alternatives.


Re: DIY Tempurpedic or which clone is best?
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Just stopping by and I see that my old post from last year has been revived. No, I did not purchase a Restava bed, we ended up buying an Englander memory foam bed. I have honestly hated this bed since then, it was way too firm and has remained so. In the interim over the past year+ we have purchased a softer 2-1/2-inch memory foam topper and I have also added a featherbed from The Company Store, really all to no avail. This bed may be just fine for those who like a pretty firm bed, but it's not for me. Anyway I just placed an order for a Saatva mattress today because I really don't want any more 100% foam mattresses at the moment, whether memory or latex. So if anyone is interested, I will post my thoughts on it when it arrives. 

On a humorous note, my mom just bought a new mattress from the Original Mattress Factory. They informed her she now holds "the prize" for having the oldest mattresss. How long has she had her current innerspring mattress (made by Bassett)? 38 years. 



Re: DIY Tempurpedic or which clone is best?
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Your claim that their mattresses don't contain memory foam can easily be refuted by checking with their supplier, Certipur. I don't see any cheap couch cushion manufacturers on the Certipur "find products containing" page. 


Your claim about the memory foam pillows are also false according to the Certipur supplier, who clearly states on their home page that their foam is low VOC.

Two false claims, plus a username meant to make people think you're a woman when the name you signed up under is Matt. You don't seem like a very trustworthy critic. Which mattress company do you work for?


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