Can anyone recommend a wooden or metal frame that can be adjusted for firmness?
May 2, 2011 5:18 PM
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I am currently using the following configuration which is working great for me (from the top down):

*1" of Natural Talalay - 32 ILD

*1" of Talalay, maybe Talatech, not sure - around 28-34 ILD.

*2" (approximately) of firm Dunlop (it's supposed to be 32 ILD but it feels more like 36 or 38ILD to me.

A frame like this from IKEA except mine does not have the 5 zones, mine is the same top to bottom, but bowed wood like this. I could not find it at IKEA's site, I think they no longer carry it but this is the closest thing to it.

As it turns out, for me, "less is more". I have tried up to 6" of various latex layers and/or memory foams of various ILD's and densities over the years, over springs from various manufacturers, with wool and other toppers... and in the end this cheap and simple combination above has worked for me the longest. I am afraid to even write this as in the past every time I announced I found something that worked, it quit working for me shortly thereafter. But this time I have been using this for at least a couple months with no changes required.

In fact, due to the bowed wood design I am skeptical that this foundation (linked above) will keep working for me for a long time and so I want to be ready with a replacement that might last longer but has a similar feel. I suppose I could just buy another bowed wood frame like it, as in the link. But I am thinking that an adjustable frame might be a better solution. (not adjustable as in sitting up in bed, etc., just adjustable as in varying the firmness of the foundation). I am afraid any bowed wood will not keep its feel/firmness for a long time. Maybe I'm wrong on that but that's my concern.

Any ideas?

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Re: Can anyone recommend a wooden or metal frame that can be adjusted for firmness?
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weewillywinky wrote:

If you look back at the helpful posts from Phoenix, he eventually settled on the Reverie adjustable frame. Maybe more expensive than you were looking for, but fwiw:

Check out the thread called "My Mattress Arrived" for more information, if you're interested in more details.

It appears to me, after reading this forum for awhile, he engaged in an extensive search and really did his homework!  I've learned a lot from reading his informative posts, as well of those of Budgy et al.....

Good luck! and please keep us posted!

Thanks Weewilly, but this is way too expensive and I don't want to pay for an adjustable base when I am just looking for a flat base. However, I DO want to get a good adjustable base, put latex and memory foam on it and use it as a La-Z-Boy for my living room! But I'll just get a cheap adjustable base for that.

Unfortunately none of these recommendations are what I am looking for. I will do a net search. But I appreciate the suggestions.

I am perhaps unduly "paranoid" that I would feel these little adjustment things in these wooden slat foundations. If I did not feel them then this might work for me but since they do not have a sleep trial I won't risk it. Or I assume they do not have a sleep trial. I did not see this highlighted on any of the pages.

I once saw a slatted foundation here that was adjustable not by sliding little thingies on the slats themselves but was adjustable from the side of the foundation where one would not feel any humps or bumps on top of the slats. If I were using 6" or more of latex or ? then I would not be concerned about these little bumps but with only 4-5 inches of latex on top of the foundation I am afraid I might feel these "adjustment bumps".

I will do a search on the net and see if I can find the design I am looking for that I saw posted here once. The search function here is less than optimal so I'll try a google first.

Thanks for the suggestions even though they are not what I was hoping for.

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