Anyone have experience with or Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress?
Feb 18, 2011 10:46 AM
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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with or has heard/read anything positive or negative about or the Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress? I've been searching for reviews online but can't seem to find anything (aside from the reviews posts on their site & facebook page which I'm sure are filtered).

I had been considering the Bella Sera Nove4 or Suerte mattress by Sueno from but just found the Oyasumi.


Naturally Organic Oyasumi Natural Latex Mattress w/ Free wool comforter and pillows

I'm 95% sure from research and reading through the forum that the Oyasumi is made by SleepTek, correct? If so I think it is essentially the same at the Suerte except at the Clean Bedroom they claim the ship time is 10 days as opposed to 3-6weeks from the Natural Sleep Store.

Neither store accepts returns or exchanges so they're equal from that aspect, although the Clean Bedroom states "This mattress comes with a lifetime option to purchase a new core, different firmness or same, as long as you own the mattress, for a nominal fee." Whatever that means...

Finally, the list price is higher at the Clean Bedroom but with the 10% off coupon code I have the final price of $2538 for a king is $50 less than the Natural Sleep Store. I like the idea of being able to customize and rearrange layers with the Bella Sera but it seems for the same price that the smarter choice is the better quality SleepTek mattress with the pricey organic comforter. We aren't really that picky of sleepers and don't have any serious back or sleeping issues so I think the soft/medium combo on the Oyasumi would work fine for us.


Sorry for the rambling, just looking for input or just something to make me feel confident about this decision. My husband is less than helpful and told me to "get whatever" and my family and friends think I'm crazy for spending so much for an organic mattress. Just afraid to spend nearly $3k on something I can't return and then hate it...


Thanks in advance,


Re: Anyone have experience with or Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress?
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I can't advise you on the mattress choice but I have had some experience with "The Clean Bedroom" store.  I purchased a Natura washable wool mattress pad from them and was quite satisfied with their service and pricing.  I also have visited their retail outlet store in Kittery, Maine and met the owners there.   They SEEM like nice people to deal with and carry a quality product line.  Good luck with your search.


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Re: Anyone have experience with or Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress?
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I can confirm for you that it is the same mattress as the Suerte as well.  

I wouldn't worry too much about what other people think.  Everyone has different priorities, most of us should have a more open mind about the value and the true cost of a good nights sleep.  I pay about $95 a month for my cell phone (with data plan), over the next 20 years its going to cost me $22,800.00 and all it does is make me more accessible than I would like to be to girlfriends, work, and family, I use it perhaps 20~30 minutes a day.  This mattress could potentially last 20 years, and it along with a wool duvet are likely to provide a much higher quality of sleep than todays average mattresses, it may have a profound effect on your overall quality of life, for 1/10th the cost.  I may be biased because I am in the industry but I have had this same discussion with many people over the years, sometimes people just need a new perspective.  

Re: Anyone have experience with or Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress?
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Can you tell me which mattress you ended up with? We just tested the Naturally Organic Oyasumi latex mattress at The Clean Bedroom (which seems to be the same as the Suerte) and we love it. The Bella Serta seems to be pretty similar but that mattress is on sale currently at The Natural Sleep Store so it would save us almost $500 if we went with that one.

Re: Anyone have experience with or Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress?
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I don't have any experience with the Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress but in reading the description of the bed, it doesn't say the latex is "certified organic", just that is "all natural dunlop", so it may only be the cotton and wool covers that are certified organic.

compare that to this mattress from Arizona Premium that I recently came across. this company claims this mattress is made from "USDA certified organic latex" from Sri Lanka. Products with the USDA certified organic label have the highest standard/certification in the US for organic products.

here is some info on USDA organic labeling. you can find other info on what the different terms mean as well (eg. organic, natural, made with organic ingredients, USDA certified organic,etc), just google USDA certified organic.

I considered trying the one from Arizona Premium but it doesnt look like its customizable in the firmness on each side or even in the layers top to bottom. they describe it as "block" of latex and you get one choice of firmness in the order form. I can't seem to find out how thick the block is either, but maybe I'm just not seeing that info...

so if you're considering the Oyasumi Mattress because you think all the components of the mattress are 100% certified organic, you might want to confirm that before you buy it.

Re: Anyone have experience with or Naturally Organic Oyasumi Mattress?
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Hi Heather,

I'd love to know which mattress you ended up going with, and how it's working out for you.

We've been looking at the Oyasumi, the Bella Sera, the Savvy Rest Serenity, and the new Sonora by Lifekind, which is in the same price range, but is a 6 inch mattress without customizable layers.   We've also been looking at the SleepTek Innerspring mattress for sale at the Natural Sleep Store, mostly because of the lower cost of innersping vs. latex.   We're not near a showroom, so can't really try any of them out...curious if you were able to compare any of the above?    We'd love any insight you may have.

Many thanks!


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