Adjustable bed (Leggett & Platt) Owners question
Feb 28, 2010 1:56 PM
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I responded to someone who has an adjustable base and latex over that and asked where they got it, but more importantly which one?  Didn't respond though.  I went to Leggett & Platt's website, and there are many, many varieties of adjustable bases.  My main concern is being quiet, I don't care about the massage part, I want it to go up and down as far as it can, but I want it quiet.

Also I hate to go into a mattress showroom and ask about that only.   I really feel like they would bug the heck out of me to buy one of those crummy S mattresses or T mattress.  I am searching to buy on the internet, but I can see why I can't find any, they must weigh  a ton?  I saw Flobeds Faqs say if you order an adjustable bed you might want to keep that as the shipping was really high like $400 if I remember correctly.  I couldn't tell what Flobeds adjustable base really was, it didn't look like a L&P base, but it was expensive.

I also read somewhere here that Flobeds suggested buying it locally as it would be cheaper, so that is what I would do if I can find a dealer I can tolerate.  I haven't enjoyed buying beds at all locally.  Always a waste of money and the sales pitch is overwhelming.  I just wish I could avoid that part.

But if I am getting a new bed I want the adjustable base.   I saw Costco's 5 adjustable beds, unfortunately you have to order their mattresses, and their latex mattresses on those has foam in them so those are out for me.  I do want layers I can change out.
Re: Adjustable bed (Leggett & Platt) Owners question
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TJ12 wrote:
Oh Budgy definitely knows about L&P beds, don't ya Budgy??!!               

Leo, these beds are very heavy and I would really consider trying to find a local delivery & set-up if possible.  As far as flame retardant...there is very little fabric on them, just a panel around all four sides, the inside is made up of metal parts, motor, etc.   What I heard was that the parts are made in China and the bed is assembled in the US.  I find the bed to be very quiet and very strong and well made.  This is why we chose to spend the money on L&G. Also, when I called customer service, I reached someone right away who was very helpful (or maybe she called me back, but she was helpful).  I also heard that the Temperpedic used to use L&P but now have gone with a ped fully made in China, cheaper in quality.  Did you ever call Electrosonic?  They are very honest business people.

As far as buying at a local store, if you pick out what you want by shopping on the internet and find out which stores carry it, just call them and get pricing ahead of time and go in and pay.  Don't even let them start discussions with you if you don't want it.  That's my advice.



Thanks TJ,

Oh Budgy where are you??

I guess a am a phone phobic too, LOL, I sent 2 emails to L&G, and no replies.  No I never called the place that was closed when I went there, their website irritates me you can't find anything, and no prices.  I guess I judge a book by its' cover, LOL.

Do you think if you tell them you can get a cheaper price online they will price match?  Probably not huh?

Yeah I found out those queen size wallhuggers weight 200 lbs. it would be heavy for me and hubby to move.


Thanks for your help.  Good idea of telling them what you want and picking it up, it really isn't anything else I need to compare I know there are only 3 wallhugger models.  Oasis doesn't seem to even be sold online, so that leaves the S-cape and the Prodigy.
Re: Adjustable bed (Leggett & Platt) Owners question
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Actually, in their case, they are just a small family owned not very modern type business and yeah they have an awful website.  But I was just happy to find them locally wih the new Prodigy bed that I could see first without buying so I jumped on it.  But I found them to be reasonable with excellent customer service (how often can you say that?!), free local delivery & set-up, plus they took my entire old bed away for us for free as well,  and as I said earlier, they quoted less than the other few companies selling latex.  And they will negotiate. We did.  As far as models, there wasn't much to go with for Wallhuggers.  That's kind of why I just went with the Prodigy. Also, I forgot to say, I paid $2900 for an Eastern King...which is really two twins as there are separate motors, remotes, etc. so I think the price of kings jumps a lot.  I have no idea what they would charge for a Queen but it could be way more reasonable.  Call them.   They're easy (maybe not the quickest on the phone but easy to deal with.)  They stood behind their word, not many retailers do these days.
Re: Adjustable bed (Leggett & Platt) Owners question
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Ergomotion just answered my email. They are made in Shanghia.

Best to all,

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