Latex bed help
Mar 8, 2012 1:52 PM
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Hi all,


This forum is super valuable! But I am now overwhelmed with choices and need some help. I am in search of a queen mattress (top only, since I have a platform bed) for myself and a twin for my son (top bunk). I am searching for a natural latex (I hope I am using the right term) mattress (no innerspring), but wish to seek your wisdom before I plunk down lots of money as an investment.

My stats are: 5'7" and 130-135lbs (back to side sleeper with a bad lower back). My son is 47" and around 46-48lbs (and is an all around the bed sleeper).

I currently have two S-brand freebies that are uncomfortable.

I have tried the following mattresses for queens:

Savvy Rest (2 layer - both Dunlop - 1 soft top and 1 medium layer - felt Talalay was a bit too sinking feeling for me), but am unsure of the $2000 investment and

Gold Bond (quoted at around $1200-1800, depending if i wanted a PU core vs. latex core) but am unfamiliar with this company

I am also in touch with Organic Grace: who quoted the Pure Rest Harmony Zip Off mattress (at around $1600 free shipping - recommending a soft-extra firm core combo).

I am at a loss on which direction to go. Is the $1600 the best price I will get for all organic? I trust this lady based on our communications, but wanted some more affirmations or opinions (or other options?) before I do something.

Moreover, this makes me unsure which mattress to pick for my son. Thank you for helping a newbie!

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Re: Latex bed help
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I have a Englander Latex foam matttess.  And it was TOO FIRM for me, really.  Wanted to return it but salepeople talked my into keeping it.  told me it would soften up,, etc... Well it really didn't.

I had to put a very soft memory foam pad on it!!! Gosh I was sad.

I came to terms with it a while back- got some advice to take off the actuall mattress pad! which was stuffed with cotton batting and some stiff layer! LOL I wanted to be ON the foam itself and it worked.

BUT basically my advice is to NOT buy anything you have not tried in the store.  and lay on it JUST like you do at home! don't lay there on your back, etc... get as many pillows as you actually use, get into your "ready to fall asleep" posture... and lay there and see how comfortable you are. 

I wanted soft cause I am a side sleeper... I am 5" 5" and 135lbs.   If I don't have soft- my hip bone hurts!  I don't seem to have a lot of padding over those bones, really!  

But I do think you can be happy with latex.   I have laid on different ones than mine- some ARE softer!  Mine is 13" thick and ten years old and I do like it.  Especially after I go traveling... I come home and realize I rather like my latex mattress.  I'm eager for it to keep softening for me- since I took that pad off.   so be sure you love yours right from the start.

Take that kid of your with shopping too- let him judge his own bed.   Go try them out!  I tried "Vera Wang" and it was nice.  Who knows what company makes those and puts her name on it?  latex is latex!  Bet they charge more just cause her name in on it.

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Thanks Grammadeb! Sorry for late response but life kind of took over.

I ended up ordering from Organic Grace (used a coupon too!) a two layer dunlop latex by Pure Rest. The bottom layer is firm, while the top is soft. I found that I didn't need a topper. I have been sleeping much, much better, waking up without aches (unless I fall asleep with my laptop on me), and without any inflammation -- this has been the most important thing I wanted to get rid of, and the latex mattress did!

I also ordered a two-layer basic twin for my son -- his I couldn't choose the layers, so it's just firm. I couldn't afford a topper at the moment, but an extra comforter provided just enough softness that he enjoys sleeping on it.

The added bonus was finding a coupon code for White Lotus one day and ordering a wool and a kapok pillow. My son has taken very much to the kapok pillow -- he found the wool "too stinky." (It really smelled like sheep when it first arrived and was a wonderful nature lesson for this 5yo.)

Happy ending so far.

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The latex mattress topper is supplied in differing sizes fitting for any size of bed base, and there can be many features about these latex foam toppers that you will love.





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