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Mar 8, 2012 1:52 PM
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Hi all,


This forum is super valuable! But I am now overwhelmed with choices and need some help. I am in search of a queen mattress (top only, since I have a platform bed) for myself and a twin for my son (top bunk). I am searching for a natural latex (I hope I am using the right term) mattress (no innerspring), but wish to seek your wisdom before I plunk down lots of money as an investment.

My stats are: 5'7" and 130-135lbs (back to side sleeper with a bad lower back). My son is 47" and around 46-48lbs (and is an all around the bed sleeper).

I currently have two S-brand freebies that are uncomfortable.

I have tried the following mattresses for queens:

Savvy Rest (2 layer - both Dunlop - 1 soft top and 1 medium layer - felt Talalay was a bit too sinking feeling for me), but am unsure of the $2000 investment and

Gold Bond (quoted at around $1200-1800, depending if i wanted a PU core vs. latex core) but am unfamiliar with this company

I am also in touch with Organic Grace: who quoted the Pure Rest Harmony Zip Off mattress (at around $1600 free shipping - recommending a soft-extra firm core combo).

I am at a loss on which direction to go. Is the $1600 the best price I will get for all organic? I trust this lady based on our communications, but wanted some more affirmations or opinions (or other options?) before I do something.

Moreover, this makes me unsure which mattress to pick for my son. Thank you for helping a newbie!

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