Foam question post pillowtop-ectomy
Oct 10, 2017 11:58 AM
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I'm hoping someone who has actually used these products can give me some insight before I purchase. I have a brand-new Serta pillowtop mattress that I bought for a great price at a resale store (so no warranty and no return) that was comfortable for about 2 weeks and is now awful. I don't really know how to describe it-- sinking, yet hard. There's no noticeable dip when I'm not on it but the whole thing seems to have collapsed by about 2 or 2.5 inches since I bought it (I have rotated it and slept on both sides- each side time at first and then got worse) and it dips into a groove when I'm laying on it. I've got a piece of 4" soft foam (was supposed to be memory foam, but it's not) that I've had for about 10 years and was on my old hard-as-a-rock mattress, but using that on top of this just feels like I'm crawling out of a big foamy grave every morning and it's killing my back. I know now that I should have found a flippable firm and put a topper on it, but what's done is done. So I'm going to surgically remove the pillowtop, which I think is the problem, and replace it with a layer of foam and a memory foam topper. I have about 5-6 inches to work with before my sheets won't fit. The innerspring part seems firm and should still be good. I've watched videos on how to remove the pillowtop and I feel pretty confident in what I'm doing. It's just really frustrating when this was replacing a 20 year old mattress that has been killing my back for years!

I've been looking at and I'd like to go with a layer of probably 2" of LuxHQ or HD36 over the innersprings, and top that with 3 inches of memory foam. Can anyone make a recommendation on if I should go with LuxHQ or HD36 over the springs? Do I need more than 2" since its already got innersprings and a new box spring?

And would you recommend 4lb or 5lb memory foam for the top?

I've been going back and forth over this for days and can't decide. I want a pretty firm base and soft top. I have a herniated disc in my lower back so I need something soft on top, but I don't want to sink through it to the support layer yet neither do I want to continue to crawl out of a pit every morning! It's just me and one small, fat senior Beagle. I'm 5'5 and a depressingly 165lbs. Can anyone give me any direction on what you think would work best for my situation?
Re: Foam question post pillowtop-ectomy
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Jenna.  This is a good plan.  4 and 5lb are both fine.  Since you like softer go with 4.  Remember that it is possible that the innerspring is the real problem here.  If so, you can trash it and get some high density foam to replace the height of the innerspring itself.  Mattdud

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