New Natural Latex Beds on Sale Now at Costco
Dec 1, 2009 9:33 PM
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Hi, I have been looking for a new mattress and when I was researching Latex mattresses I found this site. I had already decided to try a latex mattress before coming here and from what I have read I am more convinced that is what I want. My husband noticed a new latex mattress listed on the Costco site and I was wondering if anyone has tried it. I know it is new, but I thought maybe someone might have some comments that might help. Here are the highlights of the bed components - we would be getting a King size with the foundation and at $1499.99 it seems like a steal. I know we would be sacrificing the ability to customize the firmness on each side but is it worth $1000.00 for that??? Here are the list of latex layers - Four layers of 100% natural latex for unsurpassed comfort: Layer 1 – 1” 19 ILD natural latex – soft layer Layer 2 – 2” of 24 ILD natural latex – medium layer Layer 3 – 4” of 32 ILD natural latex – support layer Layer 4 – 3” of 24 ILD natural latex – medium layer Two mattresses in one! Due to its unique construction, the Sleep Science Natural Comfort Latex Mattress allows you to sleep on either the top or bottom of the mattress. Each side has been engineered for a slightly different feel, one softer than the other. The Sleep Science Natural Latex Mattress is two high quality mattresses in one. The mattress is delivered with layer 1 (softer sleep surface) on the top. For a firmer sleep surface, remove the mattress from the cover, flip the mattress, put the cover back on and enjoy a firmer sleep surface. 100% Natural Latex. Certified by the ECO-INSTITUT as 100% Dunlop processed natural latex. Sleep Science Natural Comfort 10” Latex mattress fits the dimensions of your bed Meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633-Federal flammability (open flame) standards Limited Warranty: 20 years against manufacturer defects Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant This luxurious, health promoting mattress comes with a beautiful silk blend and micro-suede mattress cover Sleep Science Softness Scale – Soft/Medium on one side and Medium on the other Here is the link if you would like to look at all the info -|93|4914|4916&N=4001838&Mo=39&pos=0&No=31&ViewAll=40&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=4916&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC850-Cat4914&topnav= Thanks again for your help! I am so glad I found this forum! Brenda
Bought and returned - uncomfortable & bottomed out
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Hello All -


I decided to try the Costco Cal King Natural Comfort, 10" Latex Mattress with Foundation (Item #  481982) given the great reviews. Here is my experience:

My only problem with the delivery experience was the fact that the white glove outfit Costco chose had NO weekend delivery options, meaning my husband had to take off work to receive the bed. :(Other than that the process was fine.

I wanted an Eastern King, however they were sold out. I decided to settle for the Cal King since the reviews were so great, and it was unclear when they might restock the Eastern King.  I am a plus-sized, curvy woman (+250) and my husband is around 200lbs.  I need a bed where my shoulders and hips can sink in while providing support, since I'm primarily a side-sleeper. I was very excited since I'd seen reviews from others with  my stature saying they'd had good luck. Unfortunately the bed did not work at all for me.

When I first kneeled on the bed, I felt my knee bottom out, and was very surprised at how firm the mattress felt. I checked to make sure that the "soft" side was up (and it was). I tested it by lying on my side with a good pillow for a little while after it first arrived. It was so firm I felt my shoulder aching after just a little while. My shoulder and hip did not sink in at all... I felt all crunched up lying on the bed.  I gave it a whole day to "puff up" from the shrink wrap it had been stored in, hoping that by the evening it would be softer. My first night was painful - shoulder and low back pain, tossing and turning, and a headache int he morning. I slept on the bed for a full week trying to give it a chance. Every night at least one of my arms fell asleep and I had a low-back ache in the morning. I felt unrested, tired, cranky and stiff each morning. On night 3 I even tried putting on my old Eastern King Overstock 3" soft latex topper from my old bed, hoping to soften it up. It helped a little but not enough to make the bed liveable. 

OH - and everyone was right, the dang foundation squeaked like a banshee after the first few days. Granted, I elevate the bed about 2-3" for gastric reflux, and that made so there was a little angle to the way the feet hit the floor, but my old bed never squeaked like that (and it had a metal support frame, too). They may be solidly built, but they weren't all that attractive and definitely a squeak machine waiting to happen.

I will say that my husband thought the bed was fine, so perhaps for people with fewer curves who are lighter, it might work fine. But for BBW's I think this bed is a nightmare!

A couple of years ago, when I began my search for a good bed replacement, discovered this forum and started dreaming about a time when I'd be able to afford to buy a really high-quality latex mattress, I had tried about every latex option in my local area, going from bed store to bed store, laying on everything with any latex rumored to be in it. :) It's been a long process for me. So I was really excited to see Costco's option and very disappointed that it didn't work. 

The experience did help me decide to bite the bullet and buy the one mattress I've tried that had the combo of "sink in" and support that I need. It's called "Organic Comfort Latex Mattress - Cushion Firm King by Electropedic."  Though it says it's "firm," it does not feel firm to me. It has the combo of "sink in" and support I need (at least from lying on it in the store), so I'm hopeful it will work. I'm skipping the frame since i don't need an adjustable bed. And it's pricey - about $3K for a King size. But I'm so tired of being tired, and so done with feeling unrested and stiff in the mornings, that I'm finally wiling to cough up the big bucks for a good bed. I think this process is so unbelievably individual - and everyone's bodies are so different - it's nearly impossible to figure out what you need without just putting in the time to go lay on everything you can to figure it out.  I was seriously considering buying one of the DIY layered beds, however the Costco experience made me really gun shy on buying something I'd not tested with my own body. You may be able to return the sections and continually recombine them to try and make it work, however the returns are not free, the inconvenience seems kind of high, and I've seen a lot of folks talk about it never really feeling quite the way they had hoped. So since I was lucky enough to lay on one that really seemed right and "sang" to my body from moment one, I am going to consider myself lucky and pay the price to grab this gift and be glad I was lucky enough to run across it.  BTW I did research and determine I could've saved a few bucks by buying it online, though shipping would eat up much of the savings... I decided to buy locally since they actually covered the overhead to provide acutal beds for me to lie on and the opportunity to know how much the beds vary! I think it was the right thing to do.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Queen Embrace Firm Latex pillow by Dormia that the store gave as a purchase gift. It's usually about a $85 item, and at first I thought it would be a little too tall/firm, but I love it now. We'll see how it works on the new bed once it arrives (s/b around March 15th).

BTW, when I was talking with the Sleep Store person, she mentioned that a bed that comes shrink-wrapped (like the Costco bed) is a sure sign it's from China (which wouldn't surprise me with Costco's policies and pricing). She said that the main problem with Chinese beds is the varying quality/consistency in the latex, and a bed that was billed as the same ILD, etc can very a LOT in reality due to inconsistent mfg practices. It's possible mine was a lemon... Really hard to say.

Wishing everyone good luck in their search for peaceful, pain free sleep. ;) Thanks to everyone who shares their experiences here - it helped me greatly in my journey.  I will post another "review," once I have my Organic Comfort Mattress in-house and tested.


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Re: New Natural Latex Beds on Sale Now at Costco
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I just posted a new thread about this, but perhaps I should have just replied here.  Costco has a new batch of Sleep Science latex beds in, but they are not latex through and through like the ones that are described in this thread.   Rather, they are two layers of latex sitting on top of 6" of polyurethane foam.  Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of a difference this will make in the mattress, if it's a good or bad thing, and if anyone has ordered this new version yet?  Thank you.
Re: New Natural Latex Beds on Sale Now at Costco
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bump.  has anyone tried the NEW latex mattress from Costco?  Consisting of latex on top of foam?
Re: New Natural Latex Beds on Sale Now at Costco
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I recently bought this mattress - the full size.  I received it close to a month ago & the tag indicates it was manufactured in January.  It is difficult for me to wrestle by myself, so I was not able to actually look at the foam layers, but I felt them and from what I could *feel*, there does NOT appear to be a 6 inch layer of polyurethane or other foam - it feels like the 4 layers it is supposed to be.


I also thought I'd mention my experience with IKEA's Sultan Luroy slatted bed base...  I'm not that happy with it -- it is really springy.  I slept on it for one night with my old mattress and it was springy with it, too, so it is definitely not just the jiggly latex, though it is definitely more noticable with the latex.  I don't feel like I sink in unreasonably - the level of support of the mattress is fine, in my opinion, but this particular bed base definitely adds extra spring.  I think I'll be making a trip to the lumber yard in order to get some more substantial slats.  I think that will provide a better foundation in my antique/odd-sized bed.  Just thought I'd share in case anyone else was thinking of the IKEA bed bases.

Re: New Natural Latex Beds on Sale Now at Costco
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deux wrote:

bump.  has anyone tried the NEW latex mattress from Costco?  Consisting of latex on top of foam?


i took a shot in the dark and ordered it online did so much research and laying on so many mattress i'm just frustrated with the process i'd figure what the hell if i don't like costco has the best return policy.   I just can't afford to spend more than 1500 on a king mattress but i emailed the sleep science here is what they said regardin  the specs.  I did like PLB nature but $2200 for a king is a ripp off IMO considering the times we are in i bet these things cost nearly nothing to make all about supply and demand since "latex" beds are now the IT mattress.  I bet latex matress 5 years ago were significantly cheaper sorry for venting this process is causing me PTSD lol


South bay international says"

comfort layer 

4" inch total layer of dunlop

2" top layer -   Dunlop 19 ILD

2" 2nd layer -  Dunlop 24 ILD


6"  HR Polyurethane base - type  Petroleum based. 1.8 lb polyurethane 32 ILD/IFD

they said it will be here in 5 days hoepfully i made a good choice but if not i can return it "go to love costco"





Re: New Natural Latex Beds on Sale Now at Costco
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So, what do you think of your new mattress?

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