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Feb 15, 2011 4:11 PM
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Hello All,

First, what a great forum!  I am now, more knowledgeable about mattresses than I thought I would ever be.  Unfortunately, with every question answered, two more pop up – funny how that works.  I’m hoping someone might help me getting pointed in the right direction. I also apologize in advance for asking what’s been asked before, many times I'm sure.

Like most here, I’m looking for a new mattress – latex - and my requirements may be a little unique.  I have a bed that I absolutely love!  It’s a solid cherry wood platform bed – no slats, solid flat surface.  Thus I only need a mattress.  Due to the height of the headboard I need a mattress that is only 8” high.  Cost is always a factor and my limit is about $2300, but I really prefer to keep it below $2,000.  Body-wise, I’m 6’ 1” and about 190 lbs.

Now the questions, given those requirements I’m looking for a mattress that will keep my spine aligned while sleeping on my side.  From what I’m reading I’m finding the following choices.

Suerte Natural Rubber by Sueno

Oyasumi by Naturally Organic. 

Organic Radiance by The Green Mattress Factory

Botanical Bliss 8” by Plush Beds

Oasis Natural by Sleeptek


Are there others I should consider and do you recommend one over the other? 

Thank you so much,


Re: Asking for Advice about 8" mattresses, btw - Love This Forum!
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The Suerte, Oyasumi and Oasis are all manufactured by SleepTek.  Out of the 3 I would only consider the Suerte and the Oyasumi as they have the best quality cover offered from the company (they only give it to their best dealers).  Whichever of those two has the best price should be your best option.  I have heard bad things about the Green Mattress Factory from other posters in the past.  Plushbeds has very limited information regarding the cover they use on their latex, and they also say the rubber comes from either Sri Lanka (good) or West Africa (bad).  If purity is important to you it is really hard to beat SleepTek. 

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