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Serenity Pillowtop

Brand: Savvy Rest


Savvy Rest Serenity Pillowtop

Sep 27, 2018 10:54 PM
Location: Kansas
I am in hell. When will I learn to search reviews before I buy? I would give this negative stars if I could.

From the moment I laid down on the mattress I purchased I was miserable. I bought this to be my last mattress purchase. It was a major expense for me. I went all in with the base, 3 layers, sheets, pillows...

I had just spent a full summer sleeping on wood platforms so I was waiting to float on a cloud of new mattress.

Truly from the first moment it was put together and I lay down my entire body was in pain. In the first few months nerve endings on pressure points died and I have constant pain & itching on those spots. During the night my legs would go numb from the hip down. I wake up in pain all over; even my ribs hurt! I tried switching the mattresses, as advised by the dealer. Only minor improvements from that. I have soft-soft-medium and had to turn the soft layers to their bottom side for an even softer feel. It still hurts like I’ve slept on cement.

One year on and I have decided it has to go. It took me a year to pay the bill, but the price I am paying in pain will just not end. I wonder what kind of person I will be when I finally can have a restful nights sleep. I long to enjoy sleeping again.

I don’t know that I will even try dealing with the company. I will just try Craigslist or some site.
Date Purchased: May 2017
Price Paid: $5
Recommend: No


Asthma improved since using this mattress.


My entire body is in constant pain. I never have a restful sleep. Nerves and joints have had serious & permanent damage.

So disappointed that natural materials are not an option.
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