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Brand: Savvy Rest

Doesn't last; don't stand behind their warranty

Savvy Rest Serenity

Jun 17, 2018 1:58 AM
Location: Washington, DC
Purchased their Serenity 3-layer natural latex mattress in 2012 for over $2500. Loved it at first. After 2 years, it started developing soft spots; after 3 years, about 1" of sag. Halfway through year 3, I contacted them and was informed their 20 year warranty doesn't kick in until there are 1.5" of visible sagging. (1.5" is A LOT when talking about a mattress; even as much as 1/2-3/4 inch can cause serious pain and alignment problems.). Unwilling to shell out more money for a mattress after having spent so much on this one, I continued to sleep on it, rotating it regularly to get away from the sags. After 4.5 years, I "finally" hit the magic mark of 1.5" of sag. I emailed them with photos, was told to disassemble the entire mattress and figure out exactly which layers were affected, and to send photos of my base to ,prove that wasn't the issue (it isn't). When I explained that evidently it is a cumulative effect, because the layers seem more or less fine on their own Savvy Rest then offered to have someone out to measure for me. I declined, completely frustrated and dumbfounded by this level of push-back and unwillingness to take action. Another year later, I'm now at 2 inches of sag and have decided to re-open the case, as the mattress is completely unusable at this point. TBD whether Savvy Rest will step in and resolve the issue.

TL;DR: outrageously priced, poor quality, doesn't last, awful customer service
Date Purchased: 06/2012
Price Paid: $2500
Recommend: No




Doesn't hold up beyond 2-3 years. Sags causing back pain. Savvy Rest customer service gives the runaround when trying to invoke their 20 year warranty. Far too pricey for the short lifespan.
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