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Brand: Kingsdown
Type: Innerspring

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Kingsdown Sags

Kingsdown Majesty

Jan 9, 2018 5:41 PM
Location: Palm Springs
We bought this mattress because the one on display at Sit n Sleep was firm, edges did not sag and was recommended based on there sleep analysis. Within 2 weeks the mattress started sagging and we are sleeping in a hole. We are not heavy people and no reason for it to break down in 2 weeks. Hard to even turn over its so saggy. Not having any luck getting Kingsdown to honor. Looks like we are out $1500.00 for a piece of crap. Stay away from this product.
Date Purchased: 11/2017
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No


It was a total different product in the showroom


Saggy and rise in middle. Horrible mattress
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Horrible, Expensive and Untrustworthy

Kingsdown Majesty

Oct 20, 2013 4:43 PM
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We bought a Kingsdown Magnificence mattress on 8/23/08. It was very expensive. We paid $2,557.28 for the King set. The 10 year warranty was junk. Just 5 years later the bed sagged 3 inches so we submitted a claim. The inspector who came to our home was surprised by the visible defects. I weight 185, my wife is just 125. For 2 years i complained about hip pain. I even got an xray. Well we got a new bed 6 weeks ago. I never felt better.

We went to mattress firm who we bought the bed from in Alpharetta GA to complain. The manager said they fired Kingsdown for poor quality and lack of warranty support.

Do not trust these people..
Date Purchased: 8/23/08
Price Paid: $2557
Recommend: No




Sagging, pain,
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