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Foamsource/Boulder Comforts Nulex Latex Mattress

Foamsource Nu-Lex

Oct 4, 2012 1:29 PM
Sarah Rockwell
Location: Boulder CO

I got my latex mattress about 2 years ago from Foamsource (their showroom in Boulder CO is called Boulder Comforts.) It was time for a new mattress and I wanted something more natural They have a showroom in Boulder a friend told me about so I went in to try out their selection of latex mattresses. They were very knowledgeable about their mattresses and really educated me about the different latex choices. I'd already been to a couple different mattress stores in town and didn't get nearly the whole story about the different kinds of latex. I wanted a natural latex mattress so I chose their Nulex bed. I really liked how they were constructed. They have a zippered organic cover and different firmness layers of latex that are not glued together so they can be changed out to make the bed firmer or softer. Nice to see what's really in there! They make the beds right in Boulder so I got it the day after I ordered. I did end up exchanging one of the layers after the first couple weeks to make the mattress a little softer which was very easy. I unzipped the cover, took out the layer I wanted to change, and took it back for a softer piece. No hassle and instant results! Now it's really perfect for me. Their website is and has tons of information. Very good company to work with.
Date Purchased: 11/2010
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Lots of firmness options
No off gassing
Very supportive


Heavy to move

Foam Source Boulder Comforts Latex Mattress

Foamsource Nu-Lex

Nov 24, 2011 11:26 AM
Been sleeping on our new king size 10" Nu-Lex 100% Talalay mattress for two nights now. We are both in love with this mattress!

We had a king inner spring with bottom and top pillow tops for 10 years - it was a good mattress,bit for the past three years we became increasingly aware that it was wearing out - we had to keep flipping it to keep out of the slight ruts it was forming.

We bought a memory foam for our 13 yr old daughter about 3 months ago - she loves it. We thought we would try it to - so we bought one. Both memory foams were spa sensations - 12" models. I ended up dtesting the memory foam:
1) Had a "dead" "locked in place" feel once I settled into it.
2) It smelled the whole time we had it - about three weeks
3) It was (too) warm
4) It was very disruptive when I had to turn over - it too a conscious effort (which shouldn't be necessary) to turn over and re-settle into a new "memory foam bed".

I hated the memory foam bed with a passion.

I became desperate and began talking to friends etc. Our neighbors from Italy said, as if everyone should know this, "we sleep on latex, it is the only way to go". I researched savvy rest, bella sera, natura, allura, innomax, sams club, etc. for latex mattresses. I settled on Boulder Comforts because:
1) I could get the mattress the same day
2) I coud bet a full 10" 100% natural, 100% talalay mattress
3) I could get a 20 yr warranty
4) I can have 60 days to customize the firmness

The mattress is a beast - it must weigh 170 - 180 pounds,but it is an incredibly well made mattress - it is very very supportive yet it is perfectly soft. It has a very high quality wool cover.
Our mattress is setup from bottom to top:
2" Firm
6" Medium
2" Soft

It is close to perfect, if not perfect, for us.

I payed $2,900 for the 10" King with two queen sized 100% organic/wool/latex pillows.

I highly recommend this mattress!
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