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No odors, great customer service

Sleep Ez 7000

Apr 28, 2017 5:13 PM
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I've only had it for a few days but already I can say it is so much better that the two other natural latex mattresses I had to send back from other companies and the price was about the same as the others. The first mattress I received had a terrible chemical odor. The internet page for the company claimed it was all natural, 100% latex. The seller told me the odor would go away. I kept it for 2 months and the odor still had not dissipated. This was not a rubber or vanilla smell but definitely chemical. I couldn't even sleep on it because the odor made my throat sore and my eyes itch. Thank goodness the company had a return guarantee. The second latex mattress was from a well advertised internet company and I paid $12. for a small piece of their latex to be sent to me. It had a rubber smell but at least not chemical.When the mattress arrived it had a very thick wool/cotton cover which smelled like a horse stable, the odor permeated my entire house. After a month of airing it outside in the sun, it still retained the odor. The mattress itself smelled very strongly of rubber and hadn't changed any in the two months I had it. The company also had a good return policy but had an unwillingness to do anything about the problems.

When I contacted SleepEZ the customer service was excellent. They sent me a large box of samples of every type and firmness of their product, also samples of both their cotton and wool covers. I noticed the talalay smelled slightly of vanilla and the dunlop smelled slightly of rubber. I ordered the dunlop med/firm, let it air out for 2 days and slept on it last night. No odors(I did go with the cotton cover) and was a good match for me. I was worried the medium would be too soft as I like a very firm mattress but it was fine. I would recommend that unless you are like me and want something very firm, you go with a soft topper.

If you order on the internet make sure they have a decent return policy. SleepEZ is ok, I'm glad I don't want to return but fortunately the other companies had a free return within 90 days.
Date Purchased: 04/17
Price Paid: $995
Recommend: Yes


Little to no odors
Right firmness
Great customer service
Firmness options because of layers
No glue used


Have to pay for returns although not as bad as some others.
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Sleep Ez 10000

Feb 18, 2016 9:35 PM
Location: South Carolina
Customer support has constantly ignored me emails.

The mattress is customization, but the customer service talked me into a configuration I didn't want, and of course it didn't work at all for me. Got them to send what I originally asked for, and that worked well for a while. The latex has a significant break-in though, and my firm has softened into a medium. Their return policy sounds okay, but realistically makes it very, very difficult to actually return the mattress because you have to somehow vacuum pack the foam yourself and get it into tiny boxes.

I was happy with the pillows though.
Date Purchased: 12/15
Price Paid: $2000
Recommend: No




bad return policy, latex softens significantly, bad customer service, expensive
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Sleep Ez 13000

Sep 5, 2015 5:26 PM
Location: Norristown PA
I've slept on an old boxspring my entire life in one form or another. As long as I didn't wake up hurting, that's all I cared about. But passing 30 I figured it was finally time to drop money on a quality mattress and I wasn't afraid to do it given that I'd own it and use it for the next 30 years. I travel a lot for work so I "know" hotel beds. Whenever I find one I like, I always look at the make. To that extent, I was looking very hard at Jamison but being a southern company, shipping and the hassle of a boxspring in moving was too much for my liking and that's when I came across layered latex beds. I move every year or two so the thought of just disassembling the layers and rolling them up had me sold. No more looking at apartments and figuring out how I was going to maneuver a king bed into it.

Not many latex mattress companies out there but SleepEZ by my determination seemed to have the best bang for the buck. I went to their website and plugged my height and weight in and the recommended soft talalay, medium dunlop, firm dunlop, extra firm dunlop for a 5'10, 165b man came up. Whatever, that's what I went with. The mattress came and though soft to the initial feel, the first few nights I woke up with back pain. Determining it was too firm I exchanged the extra firm layer for a soft layer of dunlop to have the setup soft talalay, soft dunlop, medium dunlop, firm dunlop. O yeah, this is the perfect setup! You sink in nice but are supported well. If you're are a curvy woman of average weight, you would be happy.

I got two free pillows and a sheet set. Wasn't expecting much being "free" but was quite surprised that they were high quality products. The sheets are amazing! Can't say enough about the sheets, wow. Mattress shell, also amazing.

Five star company. The only thing I could recommend is maybe at least a sticker on the latex confirming it is organic. I decided to spend the little extra money for the fully organic latex and nothing was labeled expressing that fact. How would I know? If I remember right, one layer had a stamp in the latex itself stating it but the other layers didn't.

Recent GF said my bed is truly heavenly so run with that for what it is worth. I'm no poet of words nor feel the need to right reviews but thought this company was exceptionally easy to deal with and sells a quality product.

Date Purchased: 08/2015
Price Paid: $2400
Recommend: Yes



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