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Super Natural Plus Latex Mattress

Foamsweetfoam Super Natural Plus Latex Mattress

Aug 31, 2010 5:30 PM
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I tried a latex mattress years ago in a store and commented on how comfortable it was but was discouraged by the price, how foolish I was.
Several years later after spending a small fortune on Sealy, Stearns & Foster and the Sleep Number Bed, we were still sleep deprived and desperately searching for a new mattress. My husband thought the only one left to try was the Temperpedic but we hated the feeling of sleeping in a rut. Then I remembered the latex mattress and started my research and came across Foam Sweet Foam. Scott is wonderful, patient and very knowledgeable. After answering all our questions we ordered the bed (Monday) and had it that Friday. We are thrilled! It's been years since I slept without constant tossing and turning. We will recommend this product and company to everyone.
Date Purchased: 8/2010
Price Paid: $2599
Recommend: Yes




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Natural Plus

Foamsweetfoam Ultimate Plus

May 4, 2007 10:26 AM
The mattress I ordered was three 3" layers of 100% natural latex in the talalay format.

I'll start by saying that I hate buying items that UPS delivers. You have to be available from 8am to 7pm. I waited around all day for them but had to step out for a few minutes for an errand and, voila, the UPS man arrived and dropped of the package while was gone. It came as one package with all 3 mattress layers assembled within the cover. While that prevents the layers from getting separated and lost during shipping it makes it very difficult to receive in my circumstance.

It weighed 133 lbs. and I had to drag the package up stairs and into my condo. I wish it had come in 3 packages so each was managable to carry. I would suggest to FSF they reconsider their shipping approach.

I was able to get the package into my condo and unpackage it. I would caution people when doing this. In my opinion, the plastic bands that surround the package, compressing it, should be registered with the local police as a lethal weapon. Be careful as they spring out with reckless abandon when snipped. You could lose an eye. Next time I'd dress in a swat-team outfit with helmet and gortex protection.

I lifted the mattress onto the box spring and unzipped the cover pulling it back from the layers. The layers were all fairly clean with a dirt spot here or there. All-in-all in good condition. The layers came in the configuration ordered, soft-medium-firm, and were clearly marked. I adjusted the layers so they were on squarely on top of each other. There is a slight difference in size which surprised me as I don't know why they wouldn't be dead on. But that's not too important to me in the grand scheme of things.

I spoke with FSF and mentioned to them about the dirt spots and asked the best way to align the layers before having done so. They were very helpful and willing to give me whatever time I needed. Nice job.

I really like the 100% cotton cover and that there is little between me and the latex layers. When I hand compressed each layer I couldn't detect the difference between the soft and firm ones. I hope my body can.

The acid test was going to the first night's sleep and I was looking forward to it. I never sleep restfully and can count on one hand the number of mornings the past two years I've awakened feeling refreshed. Well this morning I did awaken to that feeling and it felt really good.

I would buy again from FSF but would ask them to ship in separate packages because unless you're an Olympic weight lifter or throw around hay bales in the barn you'll need at least one other person to easily move the single package you receive.

The latex experience is awesome so far. I would encourage anyone contemplating the purchase of a latex mattress to take the plunge.
Date Purchased: 5/07
Price Paid: $1299
Recommend: Yes


Prompt service and delivery
Awesome price
Easily removable/replaced cover


It came assembled/shipping practice
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Back and Hip pain gone

Foamsweetfoam Ultimate Plus

Sep 5, 2005 4:22 PM
The first thing I noticed was I could feel mattress on every part of my body, like the indent around the ankle. Latex conforms and then supports. It took me awhile to get used to the shoulder resting in the mattress as aopposed to on top. My neck wasn't used to being in line and I fought it. Ended up with a stiff neck for a week. Once I relaxed, my neck problems disappeared. My wife on the other hand never had a moment of discomfort. From the first night my lower back pain and hip pain were gone. Oh, and the cats have taken up permanent residence.
Date Purchased: 07/2005
Price Paid: $1200
Recommend: Yes


Latex is the way to go, and Foamsweetfoam is great!


Took me a few weeks to adjust. Took my wife a few minutes.
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