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Sunk in middle after 11 months

Therapedic Therawrap

Sep 28, 2017 11:23 AM
Location: Texas
The first six months I had this mattress, I thought it was the best mattress I'd ever purchased! However it slowly started sinking in the middle and exactly after 11 months the entire middle sunk in about 5 inches. The warranty is an absolute joke. They require you to mail the mattress back at your expense just for an inspection before they will even tell you if they can help at all. And since I now live out of state it would cost more to ship the mattress back than to buy a new mattress. The warranty person named Chris acted like he couldn't care less about helping me in any way shape or form.
Date Purchased: 9/16
Price Paid: $900
Recommend: No



Completely sunk 5 inches in middle 1/3 after 11 months
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Great memory foam mattress for the price!

Therapedic MemoryTouch Dawn

Feb 10, 2005 5:02 PM
I searched and searched for the best memory foam mattress. I considered Tempurpedic, but just couldn't see spending that much for a bed. I also looked at a lot of places online, but didn't think it wise to buy without being able to try it out and determine the firmness. I found a mattress store in town that carried Therapedic, Tempurpedic and all three "S manufactures". It was great to be able to try them all and I couldn't believe how great the Therapedic was for 1/2 the price of the Tempurpedic. Plus it was actually more comfortable because on top of the foam they put a layer of quilting. I highly suggest this mattress!
Date Purchased: 01/05
Price Paid: $1350
Recommend: Yes


Memory foam forms to fit your body, no back ache in the morning, more comfortable bed I've ever slept on, great product for the price!


Foam smell, retains heat so you end up being warmer than usual