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Bobby Bear Mattress' are poor quality

Bob's Bobby Bear

Aug 2, 2016 12:46 PM
Location: West Springfield, MA
Bought a Bobby Bear from Bob's in West Springfield, Ma and within 6 months the mattress had substantial sagging/ditch areas surrounded by the bunched up lumpy pillow top layer. I can not stress enough that this mattress does not hold up and completely breaks down within the first year of purchase. Needless to say this made for a very painful and restless nights sleep. This is the worst mattress we have ever bought please do not waste your money and look elsewhere if you are considering this mattress.
Date Purchased: 1/2016
Price Paid: $1999
Recommend: No




Poor quality, sags, lumpy,
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naturally Bobs mattress

Bob's Naturally Bob's 9

May 26, 2015 8:51 AM
Location: Maine
awful!!!! after 2 months sleeping on this mattress we hated it. My husband's side of the bed sags way down ( wt 190) my side as well sags way down ( my at 110lbs!) we called to get the situation rectified the representative came out to the house measured the sag in the mattress instead it was considered normal. we continue to complain to bobs, which we spent over 4000 dollars in their store on furniture, and we were told there's nothing they could do. all the furniture we bought in from them is all falling apart. you definitely get what you pay for steer clear of bobs!!!
Date Purchased: 2008
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No




Price $999!
After 6 months it was sagging
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sad sad day for Beautyrest Black Label

Bob's Black Label

Apr 4, 2013 11:22 PM
Location: Boston Mass
Hi, i was so excited to get my gel foam Kamryn Firm blacklabel Beautyrest label bed. And... as side sleeper, wanted great sleep and great support. After 2 wks, i sink in the middle (normal wt -female) and when i turn occ. in night as side sleeper, the bed takes literally 10 minutes to conform to my body . My shoulders thus 'hits' my cheeks , like I am saying "i dont know' I sleep, causing major tingling in arms/ fingers off/on all nights. Holy Neuropathy!! no joke. Major $$$ spent on bed. The issue: please read Simmons CEO: that gel foam with 'structured cell's to breathe and foam with holes (yes, i read brochure) and light weave (vs tight weave) surrounding bed cause cool foam (vs hot temperpedic) : yay for us perimenopausal woman, but.....(Here it is) the bed, thus sinks.... like Sumo wrestler, and you wait 10 mins till i get to my normal shape. It is VERY plush bed labelled Kamyrn Firm. (firm in price, not support). So, if you like to sink (2 wks old) and sink on sides as you manuveur to get out of bed (olympics, calgary) then this is for you . I so so so dont want to go mattress shopping, but for this big $$, shame on Beautyrest for not having long term studies/tests on this . I laid for 30-mins 2 x in store. Store was harder (vs softer) . Mine is too soft. Comfy, but my neck /shoulders are killing me since night i slept in it. And tingling hands.. NOt what i signed up for. My take: i think they mass produced these beds for all stores , change color/cover, etc. but dont test them long term. My take. Sad.
Date Purchased: march 2013
Price Paid: $2000
Recommend: No


so comfy from the waist down. Odd, yes. and a foam that is not cool (as they all say.........ugh) but it warms up to your body, hence memory foam , but... it doesnt get hot as that original Temperpedic. So, the technology is there. but there is NO support when you poke all holes in it to 'vent'. Come on , find some M.I. T. engineers and make a good gel foam supportive bed. If we can make Iphone ? lets do this!!!


said it. my poor shoulders and neck are smushed.....major smushed ..........while I sleep. and it takes major Pilates classes to turn side to side . its a very very heavy bed. But.. nice on coolness/ well, warmness . But lousy support wrapping the bed, and why the heck is bed dippign in middle after 2 wks. All the websites are cited this, but.........i bought the bed 'after' i read websites , which was big mistake. And big bucks. what does the CEO of Black Label sleep on? Enquiring minds want to know.