Zuzu mattresses
Mar 28, 2017 10:14 PM
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My husband and I recently bought a queen size zuzu latex cool gel memory foam mattress. For the past week the mattress has been really hot when we sleep. I thought it's supposed to be cool. I have a mattress protector on it. Could that be the problem?
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I can’t rave enough about the St Dormeir mattress protector! It help cool down a mattress that sleeps too hot.  
I found out that wool can wick away moisture & help cool the bed, but most had to be dry cleaned,  but St. Dormeir is washable & goes right into my washer & dryer. 
Oh and P.S. Avoid polyester sheets if you have a problem with being to warm at night.  Polyester does not breathe & will negate any efforts at cooling down the bed!


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