which mattress would you suggest to me?
Jan 11, 2018 12:16 AM
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I am new. I am trying to go for independently pocketed coils cause I tried once an expensive memory foam matress and my back pain was terrible. Also I have a better feeling for slightly firm mattresses. I have been reading a lot here and in another mattress forum. In the other forum (I do not know if I can named) they do not suggest to purchase from big brands cause they say they are overpriced and with local stores.. I just moved to Gainesville, Florida, from Italy, I rented a furnished apt 3 days ago and the mattress there is a nightmare since it is hard as a rock! Since night 1 I am waking up all sore. With my mattress in italy i am not sore. I went today to Mattress Firm just because they have great reviews online, I didnt buy anything yet. The mattress there are very expensive, the cheapest I tried are:



and they seem ok. I know it is personal, but would you suggest them? If I wanna go for a non-big brand, which one would you suggest? And maybe you know a good store next to Gainesville, Florida?

Thank you a lot
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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I needed a new mattress about 6 years ago to replace a 20-year old one. I found mattress shopping had become very confusing. I tried a soft one, and a very expensive Stearns&Foster pillowtop. Big mistake. NEVER get a pillowtop. No matter how expensive the mattress, the foam on top is cheap and will compress and form indentations within weeks. I too have back problems that send me to a physio every so often and was desperate for advice, which I got on this forum

That excellent advice was to buy a firm, regular mattress and then customize it and soften it with toppers - fiberfill, latex, or memory foam. I got a Kingsdown Duet mattress (I don't think the brand matters all that much, just don't get the cheapest) for about 800$ and it's firm, so firm I cannot sleep on it without toppers. I experimented using toppers and finally found what is perfect for my back by using two fiber filled toppers and a piece of foam just large enough to lay under my back. It took a bit of fiddling and shifting things around, but it was worth the bother. My bed is heavenly!

Six years later, the mattress is as firm and level as the day I got it - not a sag or indentation - and I'm still using the same toppers which I rotate. Many people have success with latex or memory foam toppers. I never tried them as I prefer to buy much cheaper ones so I can change them when desired without breaking the bank.

I hope this helps!
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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You probably have found a mattress by now, but if not, I have a few risk free options for you, without needing to go into overpriced retail stores.

Pocket coil based mattress are a good idea, supportive whilst allowing air flow to keep cool. (unlike memory foams etc) I would go for the Avocado Green Mattress. Not only ca you buy online direct from the manufacturer, but you can get a full refund if you don't like it for up to 100 days. (no return fees and free delivery) They use only 100% natural and non-toxic materials. There is also a plush topper available as an add on. Its affordable and handmade in the USA.

Although not a pocket coil mattress, I would also recommend the ZenHaven natural latex mattress. They are another online company who offer a risk free 100 night trial, and free delivery. I recommend this one because it is double sided and flippable, offering two different comfort levels....so there is a high chance you will find one of them comfy! Its high quality and made in the USA.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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I suggest you Fresca Mattress .These mattress provide ultimate solutions for your back.
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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If the mattress that you simply sleep upon won't have the correct assist, you might be encountering lots of lower back pain. Any mattress for lower back pain that does not have any support reinforcements might cause your muscles being stretched plus your spine unaligned. That is why it's imperative that you emphasis your efforts in finding the best achievable mattress that can provide the comfort a person look for.


There is not an individual mattress out there that will be the particular "holy grail" mattress that would alleviate every person's lower back pain. Plenty of air mattresses out there might be a wonderful suit for a lot of the men and women, but in the end it comes to personal personal preference. The only way to determine if your mattress can be for anyone would be to check it out out and about for a complete night's slumber. If you awaken, you are next creating an authentic assessment of how cozy the bed genuinely can be. One person will find it a mattress to ease plenty of low back pain although one more may find it in order to get worse that. All of our physiques expertise items in a different way, so that you ought to check it out out there for on your own prior to investing in come up with a hefty expense.

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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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I recommend natural mattresses.
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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If you suffer from pain So, you have to buy zero gravity mattress of refresh mattress the best prescription for back pain. My grandfather also using it. he was suffering from back pained badly but now he gets much relief on the help of zero gravity mattress.
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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We bought DynastyMattress about 10 days ago, but wanted to wait a little while to fully experience the mattress before reviewing the product to make sure we are truly satisfied with it. So far we have no complaints about it at all, and both my husband and I look forward to crawling in bed every night! He says I wake up less during the night, rolling over or trying to get comfortable. He and I both are no longer waking up with any soreness or aching. We are both side sleepers, and we have found that we can practically stay in the same position all night and not wake up feeling sore or achy from sleeping on that side for too long.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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Air mattress pump is new trends for present scenario. this mattress is a perfect match for your inflatable bed.there is two benefits to use this type of mattress. you can use it in your indoor as well as outdoor.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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Mattresses have indeed been used for thousands of years in various forms and shapes. The word 'mattress' is derived from the Arabic language which means to 'throw something down'.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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If you want the mattress in firm, I suggest you could buy a pocket sprung mattress. The mattress too soft will cause you backache, I know that feel, because I sleep on my old soft mattress for a long time at before, and it cause me backache in a usual time untill the doctor suggest me to change a firm mattress.

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