which mattress would you suggest to me?
Jan 11, 2018 12:16 AM
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I am new. I am trying to go for independently pocketed coils cause I tried once an expensive memory foam matress and my back pain was terrible. Also I have a better feeling for slightly firm mattresses. I have been reading a lot here and in another mattress forum. In the other forum (I do not know if I can named) they do not suggest to purchase from big brands cause they say they are overpriced and with local stores.. I just moved to Gainesville, Florida, from Italy, I rented a furnished apt 3 days ago and the mattress there is a nightmare since it is hard as a rock! Since night 1 I am waking up all sore. With my mattress in italy i am not sore. I went today to Mattress Firm just because they have great reviews online, I didnt buy anything yet. The mattress there are very expensive, the cheapest I tried are:



and they seem ok. I know it is personal, but would you suggest them? If I wanna go for a non-big brand, which one would you suggest? And maybe you know a good store next to Gainesville, Florida?

Thank you a lot
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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I needed a new mattress about 6 years ago to replace a 20-year old one. I found mattress shopping had become very confusing. I tried a soft one, and a very expensive Stearns&Foster pillowtop. Big mistake. NEVER get a pillowtop. No matter how expensive the mattress, the foam on top is cheap and will compress and form indentations within weeks. I too have back problems that send me to a physio every so often and was desperate for advice, which I got on this forum

That excellent advice was to buy a firm, regular mattress and then customize it and soften it with toppers - fiberfill, latex, or memory foam. I got a Kingsdown Duet mattress (I don't think the brand matters all that much, just don't get the cheapest) for about 800$ and it's firm, so firm I cannot sleep on it without toppers. I experimented using toppers and finally found what is perfect for my back by using two fiber filled toppers and a piece of foam just large enough to lay under my back. It took a bit of fiddling and shifting things around, but it was worth the bother. My bed is heavenly!

Six years later, the mattress is as firm and level as the day I got it - not a sag or indentation - and I'm still using the same toppers which I rotate. Many people have success with latex or memory foam toppers. I never tried them as I prefer to buy much cheaper ones so I can change them when desired without breaking the bank.

I hope this helps!
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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You probably have found a mattress by now, but if not, I have a few risk free options for you, without needing to go into overpriced retail stores.

Pocket coil based mattress are a good idea, supportive whilst allowing air flow to keep cool. (unlike memory foams etc) I would go for the Avocado Green Mattress. Not only ca you buy online direct from the manufacturer, but you can get a full refund if you don't like it for up to 100 days. (no return fees and free delivery) They use only 100% natural and non-toxic materials. There is also a plush topper available as an add on. Its affordable and handmade in the USA.

Although not a pocket coil mattress, I would also recommend the ZenHaven natural latex mattress. They are another online company who offer a risk free 100 night trial, and free delivery. I recommend this one because it is double sided and flippable, offering two different comfort levels....so there is a high chance you will find one of them comfy! Its high quality and made in the USA.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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I suggest you Fresca Mattress .These mattress provide ultimate solutions for your back.

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