What's the best matress you can get at Sleepys
Nov 17, 2017 5:56 PM
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I have a credit at sleepys for 2200 and don't mind spending more if the quality is worth it. What can you recommend as the best matress that supportive for a bad back.

Thank in advance!
Re: What's the best matress you can get at Sleepys
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If you ask me whether mattress contributes towards back pain? Without taking a second, I can say sleeping on a mattress which doesn’t suit your body could be a major factor contributing towards your back pain. I had to change a couple of mattress due to chronic back pain. I consulted a lot of physicians and I drilled down to a conclusion that it was the mattress which was giving me these problems, I did visit the store and I made sure I try them out for a couple of weeks before I actually buy them, later I finally found the one suiting my needs.
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