Vital Rest latex mattresses?
Sep 18, 2010 6:20 PM
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I was in a store today that had these, and their Tri-Zone mattress was quite nice.  I like that they are made in the USA, but I cannot find any discussion about them here, or elsewhere.


Just wondering if anyone else had looked into to these, or perhaps has one.  Thanks!

Re: Vital Rest latex mattresses?
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Vanguard's VR Nature's Caress line is not yet on our website which has been under construction for 3 months.  it should be up in about a week.  you'll find most of the information you're looking for on this collection there, including where to buy.  if you still have questions, please phone the factory:  714-447-3161.
Re: Vital Rest latex mattresses?
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Several of our retailers (store owners) sleep on the Vital Rest Pure & Natural Trizone - contact the factory and we can put you in touch.  714-447-3161.
Re: Vital Rest latex mattresses?
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kbranman wrote:


Vanguard Mattress Corp. is not closed.  We moved to a larger showroom and better manufacturing facility in late July 2010.  our telephone number (see hasn't changed in over 6 years.


i am kathryn branman and i am the owner of the company.  if you have questions you are welcome to email us at or telephone us at 714-447-3161.

forums like these can be very helpful and i am sure that's what the moderators want.  rumors (including the erroneous information i am seeing here about our products, the specifications - which we do not disclose - and prices) do not help consumers or genuine seekers of information.  it is always best to consult the manufacturer directly and to listen to retailers who carry the product and consumers who are sleeping on the product.


Are you running your own factory or are you having another factory make your merchandise for you under your name.  If we check the law lable who's registry number will we find?




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