And then there were three (latex manufacturers that is)
Nov 1, 2013 12:43 PM
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After doing research both throughout this forum and outside, I have come to focus on three manufacturers ( in each case, I am looking at an all natural latex king size mattress, all approximately 12" in depth):


 FloBed - Organic Natural vZone ($300 upcharge from the Organic Natural Deluxe)- 2 cores/vZone core/convoluted topper/cover

Dremata (aka Green Mattress Factory) - Symphony (no upcharge for its 5zone layer) - 4 rearrangeable 3" latex layers one of which can be it's zoned layer

PlushBeds - Botanical Bliss - 6" core layer, a 3" layer and a 2" layer plus a one inch layer of wool in the mattress cover.

In choosing these three brands and models, I attempted to set the stage allowing an "apples to apples" comparison.  Also, there is no one within a 100 mile radius of my location selling Natural Latex mattresses where I would be able to actually experience the feel, so this is really a leap of faith for me and my wife.

In my estimation, most of the differences between these can really be equated to "noise".  FloBeds highlights their side to side customization, whereas the other two WILL do it if you call them and have a custom order made.  Dremata wraps each layer of Foam with a cotton encasement, presumably to protect the foam, whereas the other two leave their foam layers uncovered.  Return policies of all three are not that divergent.  One (Plushbeds) charges a flat fee of $99 to return the bed within the trial period.  Another Dremata, credits you but then charges you for shipping  in both directions though don't try to return the bed prior to 90 days or you also get hit up for a 10% restocking fee.  A third option by flobed is to return the bed and just pay shipping.

Comfort guarantees differ slightly.  PlushBeds only will replace the TOP 2" layer for $45 plush $100 deposit.  When they get the original back, you will get credited for the $100.  Otherwise you just bought yourself a new layer.  FloBeds sells you the new foam (any layer), no need to return the old, and the cost is a sliding scale depending on age of the mattress.  And Dremata sells their comfort layer modifications for $99 bucks.

Whereas the effort to purchase a latex bed, and then later decide to return it, is not without SOME cost, the one issue is that most of the manufacturers consider the foundation, anywhere between $400 and $800, to be non-returnable, so this is certainly a larger expense to consider.

All in all, it just seems like the three listed here are for the most part equal, and what I would appreciate is whether some of you with greater minds than mine, who read this forum, can point out anything substantively different between these three option.  I know there are others out there, but I don't know I can justify the increase in cost of the OMI bed, while others have been discounted due to reviews either in this forum or other places, while still others have been discounted "just because" I had to form a short list.  BBB ratings for all these three are competitive, and unless someone has a strong opinion that is worthy of consideration, or points to another mfg that has substatively something in its favor that differentiates it from the above three, I will probably "flip a three sided coin" and focus on getting a good night's sleep.

I thank you in advance for the effort put forth to help me resolve this.


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Re: And then there were three (latex manufacturers that is)
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Well Dremata had their price increase.  it was approx 40% increase, so this may be a moot issue.  Whereas I had a small preference toward them, I don't think I can justify the difference between a $3300 bed from FloBed and a $4300 bed from Dremata.  Unless someone in this thread, smarter than me can point to something I have overflooked.
Re: And then there were three (latex manufacturers that is)
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Will it just be you sleeping on this mattress?  If there is another, do you expect to have similar needs as far as sleep surface?  If you are a 300lb back sleeper and your wife is a 120lb side sleeper that could effect things. 
Re: And then there were three (latex manufacturers that is)
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There are indeed two of us on the mattress.  And yes, the FloBed more readily advertises split configurations, accomodating each of us.  That said, Dremata WILL split the layers if you call them and give them what you want.

To be more specific, I am a 200 lb side sleeper and my wife is a 120 lb back sleeper.  So either Flo or Dremata will configure the two sides, but since Dremata has just increased their prices by 40% the real question is whether Dremata is 40% better than FloBed.  Since PlushBed uses a 6" Dunlop base, it reduces my ability to swap and re-order the layers, so that is why I am leaning to one of the other two.

thanks for your response.

Re: And then there were three (latex manufacturers that is)
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thread is a little more than a month old, so don't know if you have already made the purchase.

However, we went with the Flobeds Vzone and are quite happy. Been sleeping on it a year or so.

Flobeds was really good to work with. Among other things they recommended a next step change in density of the bottom layer in order to be able to shift bottom layer up one.

We did a good bit of shifting around to get it just right for my wife, and shifted my bottom layer to middle.

Also, shifted the vzone sectors around a bit for my wife.

All in all, I felt like flobeds gave service and support of a level that is rarely seen today. They seemed to genuinely want to make it the best experience possible for us.

We had not slept on latex previously, and it did take some weeks to get used to that.

I made the decision where to buy primarily from positive comments on this forum about flobeds. There were quite a number.

Hope you wind up with whatever is right for you.
Re: And then there were three (latex manufacturers that is)
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Hope this is not too late for you.  My husband and I have been sleeping on the Green Mattress Factory a.k.a. Dremata 10" organic mattress for 2 years and it has deep indentions where we sleep.  So much for 25 year warranty. The warranty doesn't cover this, of course.  If you read the warranty, it really covers nothing that could realistically occur except perhaps, spontaneous combustion.  Good luck proving that.  If you send it back for them to inspect it, you pay all shipping costs.  It is a huge leap of faith to buy these mattresses because no one has reviewed them that have had one any real length of time.  We took an expensive gamble that has not paid off.  Be careful spending thousands on a mattress you can't test.


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