Stay away from Sleepy's
Sep 11, 2007 7:56 PM
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There are so many reasons to stay away from Sleepy's. 

First they have deceptive practices.  For example their Simmons mattresses list lumbar support ratings.  I called Simmons and they told me these are the opinions of Sleepy's and not Simmons but when I asked various salespeople at Sleepy's about this, not one person said it was an opinion of Sleepy's.  In addition they rate beds from bronze to platinum plus and I had to get it out of the salespeople that
this was the opinion of Sleepy's and not the manufacturer.

Second the salespeople are very high pressure.  They make it very hard to leave a store without buying a mattress.  In addition if you go in there wanting to buy a less expensive mattress they will always find a way to get you to one that is much more costly.  They also
can be quite intimidating in their approach.

Third they have very high prices and deceptive pricing practices.  It's amazing the way they will go down 30% to 50% in price if you ask but if you don't try to negotiate prices, you will grossly overpay.  Also JC Penney's charges 10% of the cost of the bed and 1-800-Mattress charges $59 for a comfort exchange.  Sleepy's charges $249 plus delivery.

I know so many people on this forum have mentioned how Sleepy's is sleazy yet it amazes me when I see new Sleepy's stores opening
in my area.  How could that be? 

Please share your experiences to.  Thanks.

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