Serta Icomfort request for advice
Apr 10, 2011 8:51 PM
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Greeting mattress experts and lurkers,

I am a once-a-decade mattress buyer in need of assistance.  Can anyone provide input for the Serta Icomfort foam mattress line?  Specifically, I'm interested in the Revolution model king size.  My initial search led me towards the Tempurpdic Rhapsody.  However, many reviews suggest Tempurpedic's sleep "hotter" than spring or other foam mattresses.  My wife is furnace so I dare not bring a mattress home which amplifies that issue.  So, my next focus was the Simmons ComforPedic.  My wife laid on every model and said they were "too springy" compared to the Tempurpedic and the iComfort.  So we are down to one option right now, the iComfort.  What I'm asking for help with is advice and comparison.  The iComfort line of Serta is very, very new and this is possibly why there is no data or opinions on the internet.  My heart is not set on the Revolution for $2,000 and I am genuinely interested in hearing advice and comments even if that information leads away from iComfort completely. 


Much appreciated,

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