Saatva Mattress - Does it Hold Up over Time?
May 9, 2013 5:45 PM
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Re: the Saatva mattress, I have read the reviews and posts on here regarding this mattress. I have read the reviews on the Saatva website itself, along with all the other reviews that I could find on the internet. 99% of them seem to be all about the great customer service, etc., and about how nice the mattress looks and feels once they receive it, etc., (which is all beneficial and good to know, of course) - but there are few, that I can find, that speak about the durability of the mattress itself over time.

There was a post on here some time back asking that very question, but no one really responded with an answer.  Evidently, the company has only been marketing their product on a wide-spread on-line basis about 4 years or so, but surely there must be somebody out there that has had the mattress for a couple of years now, who could and would report about how it is holding up.

I may be too skeptical, but a good number of the reviews/posts out there seem to be a bit too glowingly over the top. Many of them seem as if they are intentionally planted, especially since you can see the same exactly worded review on several different sites. It seems that Saatva has done a great marketing job covering the internet with positive messaging, and from what I have read, if true, then it deserves the positive reputation. 

I would just like to know something about people's experience with the mattress itself a couple of years out from purchase. If there is anyone on this forum who has had the mattress for a time or who has read or knows about the durability of it over time, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Re: Saatva Mattress - Does it Hold Up over Time?
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I almost bought this Saatva mattress but your review really saved me. Looks like they have a great marketing machine behind this average mattress. I was even feeling bad why I paid 3x for my last Tempurpedic mattress but you get what you pay. In fact I think Saatva is overpriced for the value it provides. Anyway I cannot trust a company which carefully manages its reviews by threatening customers posting genuine reviews. This Saatva company seem to have created a great online reputation based on targeted and largely manipulated reviews. I am sad. I am going with Tempurpedic again.

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