Replacing a 10-year old Simmons
Jun 26, 2014 3:49 PM
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Hello all! I am glad I found this place before making my next mattress purchase. There's a ton of knowledge and experience here from what I've seen during my research over the past week. I was hoping to get some idea of what might currently be a similar mattress (innerspring) and box spring to our old one. We bought a Simmons Beautyrest "World Class Drucilla Extra Extra Firm" set from Sleepy's back in 2003. It has held up beautifully for almost 11 years. We just moved to a larger place and are planning to get a new bed for the master bedroom and leave the old Simmons in the guest bedroom. Still a lot of life left in it and plenty good for a guest room.

After educating myself a bit, thanks to this site, I understand that manufacturers trot out new models all the time. I saw that Stearns and Foster has probably re-designed their coil springs at least twice since 2003. I assume Simmons has done likewise. Finding information on coil count, steel gauge, foam types, etc. can be difficult for current models; it's amost impossible for something 10 years old. I did find a page with information about the Simmons Drucilla "Luxury Firm" mattress here

I'm guessing the "Extra Extra Firm" models were firmer than the "Luxury Firm" models, but I'm not sure about that. What we're looking for is something comparable to the old one. I checked out a few online places and couldn't find any current Simmons "Extra Extra Firm" models. Maybe they no longer make them. We're going to buy locally from a brick-and-mortar store and try, as best as we can, to follow the buying guide and tips that we found right here at wtb-mattress, but a little online research can't hurt even though the exact model names differ from seller to seller.

So, is there anything available today from Simmons, for instance, that would be similar to the "Extra Extra Firm" models of old? And for what it's worth, we're not married to Simmons but figured it's a good starting place since we were (and still are) very happy with our 2003 purchase. I think we paid about a grand for the set back then. Prices sure have changed since then, that's for sure! I'd like to thank this site also for very valuable information on price negotiation. That will help a LOT.

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