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Nov 28, 2017 12:24 PM
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I currently have a hastens mattress with the horsehair topper. I've had it for about 5 years and it's compressed and starting to feel too firm now. I did sleep on a feather topper in a hotel and quite liked it. I'm debating between a feather topper or a carpe diem topper. From what I've read carpe diem topper should feel somewhere in between the hastens and the feather topper. Unfortunately, there isn't a carpei diem retailer nearby for me to try. Any suggestions?
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HU fuzion,
have you ever consider a memory foam topper?It can add extra softness to your mattress thus make you sleep better.
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Yes, that's the first thing I tried years ago and didn't work out. It feels soft when first laying down but after a few hours is actually too firm for my shoulders.
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I have feather beds on 3 of our beds and have many guests, including AirBnB guests, and they LOVE it.  

I have them covered in a zip cover in case anyone has an allergy, there have been no problems.  Since they should be “fluffed” every morning I have found that is easier to do if I put a sheet on the mattress and then one on the feather bed separately since it sits on top of the mattress.  Then I can easily give it a few shakes & fluff it up each morning.



Sandra Laughlin,

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