which mattress would you suggest to me?
Jan 11, 2018 12:16 AM
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I am new. I am trying to go for independently pocketed coils cause I tried once an expensive memory foam matress and my back pain was terrible. Also I have a better feeling for slightly firm mattresses. I have been reading a lot here and in another mattress forum. In the other forum (I do not know if I can named) they do not suggest to purchase from big brands cause they say they are overpriced and with local stores.. I just moved to Gainesville, Florida, from Italy, I rented a furnished apt 3 days ago and the mattress there is a nightmare since it is hard as a rock! Since night 1 I am waking up all sore. With my mattress in italy i am not sore. I went today to Mattress Firm just because they have great reviews online, I didnt buy anything yet. The mattress there are very expensive, the cheapest I tried are:



and they seem ok. I know it is personal, but would you suggest them? If I wanna go for a non-big brand, which one would you suggest? And maybe you know a good store next to Gainesville, Florida?

Thank you a lot
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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Air mattress pump is new trends for present scenario. this mattress is a perfect match for your inflatable bed.there is two benefits to use this type of mattress. you can use it in your indoor as well as outdoor.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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Mattresses have indeed been used for thousands of years in various forms and shapes. The word 'mattress' is derived from the Arabic language which means to 'throw something down'.
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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If you want the mattress in firm, I suggest you could buy a pocket sprung mattress. The mattress too soft will cause you backache, I know that feel, because I sleep on my old soft mattress for a long time at before, and it cause me backache in a usual time untill the doctor suggest me to change a firm mattress.

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