which mattress would you suggest to me?
Jan 11, 2018 12:16 AM
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I am new. I am trying to go for independently pocketed coils cause I tried once an expensive memory foam matress and my back pain was terrible. Also I have a better feeling for slightly firm mattresses. I have been reading a lot here and in another mattress forum. In the other forum (I do not know if I can named) they do not suggest to purchase from big brands cause they say they are overpriced and with local stores.. I just moved to Gainesville, Florida, from Italy, I rented a furnished apt 3 days ago and the mattress there is a nightmare since it is hard as a rock! Since night 1 I am waking up all sore. With my mattress in italy i am not sore. I went today to Mattress Firm just because they have great reviews online, I didnt buy anything yet. The mattress there are very expensive, the cheapest I tried are:



and they seem ok. I know it is personal, but would you suggest them? If I wanna go for a non-big brand, which one would you suggest? And maybe you know a good store next to Gainesville, Florida?

Thank you a lot
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Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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I recommend natural mattresses.
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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If you suffer from pain So, you have to buy zero gravity mattress of refresh mattress the best prescription for back pain. My grandfather also using it. he was suffering from back pained badly but now he gets much relief on the help of zero gravity mattress.
Re: which mattress would you suggest to me?
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We bought DynastyMattress about 10 days ago, but wanted to wait a little while to fully experience the mattress before reviewing the product to make sure we are truly satisfied with it. So far we have no complaints about it at all, and both my husband and I look forward to crawling in bed every night! He says I wake up less during the night, rolling over or trying to get comfortable. He and I both are no longer waking up with any soreness or aching. We are both side sleepers, and we have found that we can practically stay in the same position all night and not wake up feeling sore or achy from sleeping on that side for too long.
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