Serta Icomfort size problem, anyone else?
Jan 23, 2012 9:20 PM
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I just bought a queen size Serta i-comfort Revolution.  I brought it home and when I was setting it up, I noticed that the zipper that attached the mattress to the base (I got the motion base) had a few inches extra fabric on the base side.  The queen size mattress protector and sheet set were loose when I put them on.  Turns out that the mattress is a few inches short on each side (Measured 58"x77" instead of the standard queen size of 60"x80")  The base measured properly for a queen.  So it definatley is bigger than a full, but not quite a queen.  The consumer tag on it said its a queen size...  

I went back to a Mattress Warehouse and measured the one in the store and it's the same.  The Salesman said it was becasue it's foam and has rounded corners.  (rounded couners might give you 1/2" but no way 2 or 3")  I measured other mattresses in the store and they were correct.  Even a tempurpedic queen measured as a queen.   Any body else notice this?  I really hate having ill-fitting sheets.... 

Re: Serta Icomfort size problem, anyone else?
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Well, I realize this thread has been inactive for about 5 years – but I thought that I would add that it's 2020 and Serta STILL hasn't figured it out. We purchased a Cal King iComfort that was 4" short on the length and 2.5" short on the width. The company we purchased it from arranged for a new bed and when that arrived it was 2" short on the length and 2.5" short on the width. Unfortunately Factory Mattress here in central Texas says that 2" difference is within their tolerances and "We can't keep filling up our warehouse with odd sized mattresses". As if it's my fault SERTA can't manufacture a mattress to the correct size. I struggle to understand how this is even a problem that could happen in today's manufacturing environment.

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