questions about DIY latex mattress
Feb 11, 2011 10:11 AM
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I am trying to build a mattress on a budget.  I've read over a bunch of threads here, and one I saw that caught my eye pointed to a seller on Ebay that sells "factory seconds" latex:

I emailed her to find out who manufactures this latex and what the ILD is, she said:

"I purchase only two types of natural and talalay blended. They come from the top two manufacturers Radium Foam (#1 in the world) and LI (#1 in the U.S.). ILD is printed on label from LI. Radium Foam marks the lot with the ILD not individually. I make no distinction between these two companies once the product enters my inventory. Orders are filled from the top of the stack in the requested ILD.

ILD's are soft 22-24, med 30-32, firm 38-40, extra firm 44!"

So, my current plan is to get:

3" of Lux Foam - High Quality (50 ILD) from foambymail

then on top of that, either (from the ebay seller):

3" of firm talalay latex (ILD 40)
3" of medium talalay latex (ILD 32)


3" of medium talalay latex (ILD 32)
3" of soft talalay latex (ILD 24)

So, my main question is, what is the better setup for a bed?  Is 9" with 50ILD LUX-HQ/Firm talalay/Medium talalay too hard?

Also, I was thinking about getting a 1" memory foam topper for the whole thing.  My girlfriend said she likes memory foam, personally I am not a huge fan, but I figured a 1" topper would be a good compromise.  Is 1" of memory foam OK on top of this?

Finally, what is a good cover to put all of this into?  I want something that fits snugly (i.e. so it looks like a "finished" mattress, not a DIY mattress).



Re: questions about DIY latex mattress
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Hello, I like your post, have you considered using polyurethane?

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