Hotel Mattresses?
Sep 1, 2010 5:50 PM
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Thinking back to your best hotel sleeps. what would you say was the top 5 things for making it your best sleep? i would say for the most part ordinary hotel beds tend to get a bad wrap. what would say the best qualities you enjoy for a good hotel sleep?
Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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I think that 5 things for making it best sleep are Comfortable bedding consists of the basic bed, a pillow, properly laid bed sheet cover, a quilt to give warmth to the body but most importantly a comfortable mattress to prevent you from undesirable effects like backache and swelling.
Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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Yeah, I have visited many hotels . I impressed a lot by some hotel services, in fact, their mattress and pillows are very comfortable, In my opinion its depend on the hotel, whether its large or small.
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