Best Mattress for heavy people?
Dec 10, 2017 6:28 AM
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Hi everyone!
Excess weight, as has long been known, creates certain problems for people. In the morning, I get up tired, sleepy, as if I plowed the field all night, and did not rest on a comfortable bed.
I was recommended to pick up a comfortable good mattress. But how to choose? Are there any tips? I need a king size mattress under $300. I browse the Net and has stopped on Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Mattress. But it is a bit more expensive than I expect. May be there are good cheaper alternatives?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Best Mattress for heavy people?
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I am about 175 pounds now, I am too fat to finish my usual activity and I want to lose my weight now, because I got the serious cervical spondylosis, that is too terrible for me, and the doctor tell me I will feel better if I lose my weight. I often wake up at mild night because my disease, and I feel so mad about it , but since I bought a new mattress I don't wake up at mild night yet! That's amazing! But I still try to lose my weight for my cure!
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Re: Best Mattress for heavy people?
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For larger and heavier people, a latex mattress can be a good option.
Innerspring mattresses can be both very good or very bad for obese people.
Re: Best Mattress for heavy people?
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chek out mattresses with cool gel technology to relax your waist.

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