Polyurethane Foam Association
Sep 9, 2007 3:11 PM
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The PFA is a good resource for those wishing to understand all the gobblegook about density and ILD


Especially the INTOUCH newsletter.

The Importance of Density
http://http://www.pfa.org/intouch/new_pdf/hr_IntouchV1.2.pdf   <-- Highly recommended reading

How Foam Firmness Affects Performance

Latex Foam Rubber and FPF: Different Product Technologies With the Same Comfort Objectives

Flexible Polyurethane Foam in Mattress Construction
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From http://http://www.pfa.org/intouch/new_pdf/hr_IntouchV1.2.pdf

  1. Density, measured in pounds per cubic foot, is a key property for determining flexible polyurethane foam performance.
  2. Foam density is independent of foam firmness.
  3. Density relates to the comfort, support and durability properties of the foam.
  4. Density can be affected by foam additives or fillers. To truly gauge foam performance, the unfilled, or polymer density of the foam must be evaluated. Polymer density takes only the weight of the basic foam materials into account.
  5. Foam fillers and additives are used to improve the combustion performance of the foam, to make the cushion feel heavier and more luxurious, or to improve support, but may have a negative effect on other foam properties.
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Sorry I saw you post, I know it is quite old but I would like to know more, What exactly is Polyurethane? and how well does it hold up?

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