Please help us decide which latex mattress would be best for us!
May 14, 2011 1:53 PM
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We are currently sleeping on a king size, 4 inch, B F Goodrich, TexFoam, 100% Rubber Latex Foam, Extra Firm mattress, which is 47 years old. The label states that is is 31 - 37 lbs. Certified Compression. We bought that mattress because I was having back problems. My husband made the platform for the mattress from plywood.  There has been no distortion in the mattress we currently own, though it is starting to dry out and get hard on the edges. Also we are in our 70's now and have a bit of pressure discomfort. My husband raised the head of the bed about 3 1/2 inches with plywood to help my acid reflux. The ticking on the cover slides down, which is not only annoying, we are concerned that it will wear out.


We both have back, shoulder and other sleep problems now, so are looking for something a bit softer, but with the firmness we need for our backs. We are also considering adjustable beds but wonder if the pieces would slide apart or the cover would slide like the one we have now.


I am interested in the Tranquility with two 3" layers of foam from Savvy Rest, because we don't want a mattress that makes the bed too difficult to make or high to get in and out of easily, but when I spoke to Savvy Rest, they said the Tranquility is not recommended for adults, only children. We both weigh under 150 lbs, (husband is about 5'10" and I am 5'5"), since we've been sleeping on the 4 inch mattress, we think that would suit us.

However I am concerned about slippage between the two mattresses, especially since we have the head of the bed raised and have slippage problems now. I am also wondering if the foam will wear out more quickly with that crease where the bed is raised.


We are traveling to Ashville, North Carolina to test Savvy Rest mattresses in a few weeks. I am concerned about the warranty on the mattress which Savvy Rest stated would be 20 years. I asked if they would abide by the warranty and she stated that they would if there were more than an inch of a depression. This scares the dickens out of me since there is no returning the mattress and even if you could, the expense of shipping is astronomical! I am extremely concerned about the possibility that we will not like the new mattress or it will be uncomfortable, then we will be stuck with an expensive albatross around our necks.


I have researched mattresses locally, even going back to the store where we purchased our original mattress, to no avail. There is no "natural" latex available here in the Louisville, Ky area. There are other types of foams to be had, but they are not natural.


I guess what I'm asking is for help deciding what latex mattress to buy. I can't say that what we have is not working for us, which I believe is Dunlop, it is just that our hips and shoulders are a bit sore. I think I'd like to buy a new mattress close to what we have, if it is available anywhere, because this mattress is so old, and then add a little something to make it a bit softer in those areas. I don't know what ILD the mattress we have is either, I only know what it says on the label. 


What we DO know is that we don't want to be fooling with sending layers back and forth at our age, or getting stuck with something that doesn't work for us if at all possible.


Thanks for any advice!

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