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May 6, 2009 2:29 PM
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I stayed at a hotel in san francisco a year ago, and it was the best bed i've ever slept on. Found out it was made by Omaha Bedding Company, a small manufacturer in Omaha that makes mattresses for the Four Seasons' hotels, etc. I'm particularly concerned with having no motion transfer, and this bed had NONE! It was amazing!!! I spoke to a man at the company, and he told me that bed has: Offset coils, 13-gauge, 575 coils/mattress (king), and cotton fill. He said the beds tend to last 10 years, and the king costs $1360 including shipping! Pretty good deal from what i read. The mattress was so comfortable--firm, but soft on top.

I thought that pocket coils were the only innersprings offering motion separation...Can someone explain why this mattress is so awesome? And are there others that compare to this one?
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Omaha bedding is junk. Chinese junk! Omaha bedding knows it's junk too.

They tell you to turn it once a week. Who in their right mind would say that.

And,when you get a mattress made by them,it's really really stinky!

I think they stuff their mattresses with dead cats...or worse!


They are con artists!!!

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My brother has had a king size Omaha Bedding mattress for over 16 years now, and it is just NOW starting to show signs of needing to be replaced.  I've never heard anything but good about them.  Marcia, you must have gotten a lemon or something.  If they were all like you say, then the 5-star resorts would not be using them, I would think.  Maybe you should take your concerns directly to Omaha Bedding and not the retailer, Nebraska Furniture Mart.


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Well,I just wanted to post this reply to those who thought I had a fine and fabulous mattress from Omaha Bedding. I had the mattress set for 1 year and 3 months. It was the replacement for the first set that I had for 3 months.

Both were terrrible quality as they caved in, in a matter of days. I weigh 145 pounds. And they both smelled awful for at least 3 months.

May 1, 2011 I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest as I couldn't stand sleeping in a rut on the Omaha Bedding mattress.




So,to those who seem to have known all about MY bed, guess you are wrong!

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I have not tried the omaha bedding system, but I recently purchased an expensive simmons mattress that became mush after one year.  I think the whole mattress industry is terribly corrupt and is selling junk to consumers.  Someone needs to investigate this industry.
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I absolutely LOVE my bed from Omaha


I found this bed at a hotel I stayed at a few 

years back in Miami. I was at the hotel for

a full week, so I had some time to sleep 

on it and test it out. Every single night 

I looked forward to sleeping in it.


I already had a pretty nice Stern 

and Foster mattress and I wasn't even

in the market for a new mattress.

Six months ago I made a move cross country

with my Stern and Foster Queen.

Stern and foster is a great mattress company

that produces a really nice comfortable mattress.

Being that my Stern and Foster was a Queen,

I really wanted to take the plunge into a King


What do you suppose was on my mind?

Another Stern and Foster?


I travel often and to many nice places sleeping

in 4 & 5 star hotels on good quality mattresses.

No mattress for me compared to the one I had

slept on a few years back that week in Miami.

Then I remembered that I had pulled back the

sheets to look at the matress for the info.

Pretty non descript, I actually phoned the front

desk for additional details.

Omaha Bedding Company

Model T1846


Blue and white mattress 2x pillow top 

Not too soft, not to firm, but perfect.

The question was, could I still get it?

I phoned Omaha Bedding

YES. They do have a phone number  and

they DO answer their phones. 

I spoke with them multiple times the service

was honest and professional.

The bed I wanted needed to be made custom.

It wasn't a cheap buy, but it was a good buy.

I'm so happy I went ahead with the purchase

of the bed.

I'm actually in shock that anyone could possibly

be unhappy with this company it's service, or their 


As time passes, it's getting even more comfortable!


Like any quality mattress, it does take a little while to break in.

Zero defects.

To this day it is the absolute best bed I've ever slept 


Matter of fact I'm missing it right now which is how

I even stumbled about this forum.

iphone typ'd please excuse the grammars.

Sent from someplace fabulous 

(just missing my bed)

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Mods: I don't usually post reviews on sites yelp  etc.

Due to being on my phone, it's difficult to be sure that my

previous reply is/was in the proper area of your site/forum.

Please feel free to relocate my reply if someplace else is better suited.


Sent from someplace fabulous 

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One thing to consider when trying to buy matteresses we have favorable experiences with n hotels or motels is that I have read that they typically will change their mattresses every year. So this gives one no idea of how well they will wear over time.
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What you tend to find is that hotels have to bring you back in to remain profitable so they generally won't spend money on cheap mattresses as its a false economy. Unlike many of us in our homes who try to cut corners at times, the hotel chains have to provide a comfortable nights sleep so they'll invest in their bedding. Also, they can absorb costs of high quality furniture as they buy regularly and in bulk, something us workers just can't afford!
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It's been almost a year now and I still

Love my mattress.

I'm not a wealthy woman, but I believe 

that a quality mattress is worth the



Thanks Omaha!

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I am a huge Omaha Bedding fan. Me and my entire family will only own one of their beds. If you have a problem they stand behind their product, however, they have only one factory in Omaha, NE so it is up to you the consumer to get it to them if you have a problem. Lets face it we all can get lemons and I have had my share or cars and other items, but I have never sworn off the product for one bad experience that to me is hasty. I am sure no company will make you happy so Omaha Bedding is better without your return business. As for me and my family we will be back thanks for the best night sleep ever Omaha Bedding.

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