Old school flippable mattress?
Jun 9, 2011 6:10 PM
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Does anyone know of a good firm just old school flippable mattress out there these days for a pretty inexpensive price?

It seems like a lot of the non-flip mattresses these days are using a lot of cheap materials to pad them up and then it breaks down quickly.

In our guest room, we have a Spring Air firm back supporter and a cheap old foam cover, which works well.

I was debating if I need a full latex mattress, or if there is a decent reliable firm inexpensive mattress out there that people would recommend, I would be open to getting that and putting a 2 or 3" latex topper on it.

Any ideas?

Re: Old school flippable mattress?
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What is your budget?  Do you have any preference for mattress material?  You mention innerspring, foam and latex.  Is this for everyday use?  One or two people?  Height and weight?

Someone might have a recommendation for mattresses in your price range.  Unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for and if the price seems too good to be true, beware. Toppers generally do not provide support, they provide a different comfort level than the mattress.  If you have a mattress that sags, a topper is going to sag to conform with the sag in the mattress.  There have been a couple of recent posts with inexpensive purchases.  DIY latex mattress for about $1200 and a no-name memory foam mattress for under $400.

Re: Old school flippable mattress?
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I don't know where you live but there is a small manufacturer in CA that makes flippable mattresses called Custom Comfort.

or http://www.customcomfortmattress.com/products/

I'm not necessarily saying their mattresses are any good as I have never slept nor layed on one. But they are double-sided.

Re: Old school flippable mattress?
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They have their latex model that's flippable right there in Fort Worth:  http://www.themattressfactory.com/MattressesBeds/Models/BarringtonFoamandLatex.aspx
Re: Old school flippable mattress?
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I'm in NW PA.   I like a really ultra firm mattress.  The two current models that I liked the best are Imperial Bedding #640 (Huntington, WV), and Original Mattress Factory (several factories but probabably not any in TX) Orthopedic Ultra Firm with the edge supports.   What I ended up buying is a discontiuned Therapedic (Orwell, OH) single sided that I got for only $350 brand new in queen size.   It is extra firm and has about the same ultra firm feel as the OFM set.  The store told me that the set had originally sold for $800.  (The mattress I bought was made in 2008, and probably didn't sell just because it is so firm and the older population here goes for the pilow tops.)   The OMF set was going to be $949 + $50 delivery for the set with a split box.  The Imperial set would have been about $1150 + delivery, with the split box option.


There are some older threads on here, like from last Fall, discussing 2-sided.   King Koil, Englander, and several smaller regional brands were mentioned.   The "S brands" don't do 2-sided anymore.


If you check your local Craigslist, you can sometimes pick up a really nice like-new single-piece foundation or box spring that someone jettisoned b/c either they got a platform bed or they had to get a split foundation that they could get into their BR.  I lucked out and got an Imperial Bedding split box (queen size) for FREE on CL, because the people bought a platform bed and wanted the split box out of the house.  All I had to do was drive over and pick it up.   So, for $350 + 6% PA tax, and fuel cost, I got a really decent queen sized bedding set.   I plan to buy the OMF set in a year or so after I move out of the place I am renting while I'm on temporary assignment.  But I'm really happy with what I got for $350, lol.

I tried the current model by Therapedic that's firm and 2-sided, and I didn't find it firm enough.  But it sells for something like $600 a set or so.  Felt too squishy to me, and also had no edge support.  Felt cheap compared to the one I bought.   The mattress that I bought has very firm edge support and might be a Verticoil spring.  I don't really know.  The price was right.  I'm going to look up the model number and post it later.  I don't know whether Temperpedic makes a 2-sided one like that now, or not.

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