Natura mattresses
Feb 18, 2012 10:48 PM
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hello folks, im new here obviously by looking at my post count haha. im stressed out at this point and kind of dont know what to do. i had a tempurpedic cloud, hated it, it offered no back support to lower back, and am in pain. ive been to the chiropractor and feel great until the next morning after i wake up it hurts again, he said the mattress is not supporting me. i took the cloud back and got an innerspring mattress, stressopedic, and it feels NOTHING like the floor model, stupid me they have no return policy nor exchange. come to find out the floor model was 3 years old and nicely broken down to feel softer then it really is. 1100 dollars down the drain and im sick of the firm mattress i have its killing me by over supporting me, my shoulders hurt, my hips hurt, i hate it. Natura has been a mattress ive wanted since i stumbled upon them a few years back. ive been browsing around and am keeping my limit at about 2400 bucks. I will be buying blind on this since there is nothing in my area, but found an online company that excepts returns which im willing to try. i need a mattress that is firm enough to support me but soft enough to relieve everything that hurts. Natura's latex mattresses have wool on top i imagine to help keep the pushback down, judging from this scale what would be just right for me, im 135 pounds so im not large, not even average at best but have no idea what these feel like, this is the one ive been looking at who has a natura mattress that can help me out, i just want to buy one nice mattress and hope it last me as long as i need it to. thanks all for any help you may provide me, i just want to sleep in a bed, im sick of the couch.
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We bought a Natura Sensation bed 2 years ago. When we got it home and laid on it for the first time we found it wasn't nearly as soft as the floor model. We're still waiting for it to soften up. 2 months ago we went back to our old mattress and have been sleeping better. Went back to the mattress store and they have not heard of any complaints, maybe I should point out this sight to them. They gave us a 2" foam topper to try, after 2 nights we are both feeling that the bed is a brick. Was thinking about a TP cloud luxe, but after reading some of their reviews, not sure that is a great idea either. I'm 150lbs and my wife is 115. She is in more pain than I am.

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