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May 14, 2014 10:15 AM
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I'm currently sleeping on a king innerspring double sided Sealy Posturepedic that my late wife bought for us back in 2001.  It has worked fine for me and I still sleep well on it; however, I just bought new bedroom furniture and the old furniture is going into a guest bedroom and I need a new mattress.  I'm not allergeic to anything and don't have any back problems.....when I sleep at hotels or in a stange bed I don't seem to have any problems sleeping despite being a light sleeper......but like a firmer mattress.  I don't really love shopping, but am not an impulse buyer and tend to research something faily well before I buy.....usually at consumer reports or by customer reviews at places like Amazon or Costco.  A couple of years ago I bought a queen Handy Living 9" plush mattress from BJ's to go into a guest bedroom, it got good reviews but was only $250 and I've slept on it a couple of times and wasn't that impressed.  

My girlfriend had some $4000 monster thing that was only two years old that she and I both hated (it was like sleeping in a bowl of marshmellows), she just gave it to a friend and bought a Newfield King firm from Costco that got good reviews, while we both think it's OK neither of us like it as much as my 10 plus year old Sealy and she is thinking about returning it (one thing about Costco is that they have a great return policy) and it's a single sided mattress and I worry about it wearing out.  I'm 6 feet and a little over 200lbs and she is 5 foot nothing and 105lbs and what I would like to find is something we both like that we can buy two of, one for her house and one for mine.

Now that I am doing some more detailed research on what will be my new full time bed I am just getting more confused the more I research.  Consumer reports doesn't seem to be as helpful as it is in some other situations.  Customer reviews at Costco or BJs seem to be to few or cover too short a time period to be reliable, reviews at Amazon just seem to cover lower end bed.  I'm not looking to build something myself the way a lot of you guys have done, I just want to make a smart purchase, get the best bang for my buck, and not get ripped off or make a mistake.  One tip I seem to agree with from Consumerreports is that I shouldn't spend more than $1000.  I think I want to stay away from memory foam and stick with a innerspring double sided mattress that I can flip....but those seem to be hard to find......this is harder than buying a car.  Can anyone help?


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