Mouldy mattress help
Nov 11, 2019 2:20 PM
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The last two mattresses I have had, one latex and one 100% wool have both gone mouldy on the underside of the mattress the 100% wool one developed this mould last winter very quickly - I have bought a replacement latex mattress - though it is wrapped with a cotton cover and a layer of wool between he latex and cotton cover. Im obviously keen for my new mattress to remain dry and mould free, I feel the problem is the following:
Im bed bound by a chronic illness so using the mattress 24/7 due to symptoms, I think my body radiates alot of heat and I think the different temperature between the wooden slats and the warm mattress is perhaps causing a layer of condensation turning to mould?
The mattress company has given some excellent instructions about how often to turn the mattress etc does anyone here have any other useful tips please?
An idea I had was to put a small fan heater under the bed to occasionally give a quick blast of heat to the slats and underside of mattress. I can't tolerate central heating on for very long for illness reasons this may also be a factor, I do ventilate well.

Thanks you very much for your help in advance.

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