mattress pros please educate me about-BOX SPRINGS vs FOUNDATION
Oct 2, 2008 4:01 PM
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I recently ordered an Aireloom Danielle full mattress and low profile box springs from Mancini Sleep World and expect it to be delivered next week. One thing though, I can't seem to get a straight answer and have called two other stores with the same question.- I plan to put this boxspring and mattress in a framed bed (not a platform). I assumed I was buying a REAL boxsprings that has steel inside. One Mancini salesman told me that the standard sized boxsprings and low  platform boxsprings both have steel in them, but the 31/2" platform choice does not. (I ordered the low profile 5 1/2", not  platform) A different store Mancini salesman says NONE of the boxsprings actually have steel in them anymore-just wood. He says all the "boxsprings" are made like this now and are called "foundations".  What's the real story and should I worry because this bed will have to support a 200lb man and I sure as heck don't want to be out there shopping for another mattress in a few years.


Re: mattress pros please educate me about-BOX SPRINGS vs FOUNDATION
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Hello and welcome to the forum,

The one-sided no-flip mattresses have all but eliminated the true box-springs and it is a big shame. Unfortunately longevity has gone with them as far as the national brands are concerned. Aireloom has one of the better reputations, but was bought out a few years ago and only sells it's ultra high-end line in specialty stores like Longs Bedding in New York City. If you had purchased an "S" brand I wouldn't give it 3 years. There are different levels of "foundation" ranging from an empty particle board box to the slightly improved torsion bar design that has small metal rods bend like sign waves crossing the box. Neither last as long or work as well as true box-springs.

A true box-spring has actual coiled springs in a sturdy frame. This works in tandem with a flippable mattress to provide both comfort and longevity. It also means you don't have to place a ton of cheap foam comfort layers on top, but can go with a slightly firmer and longer lasting design, and if an uncomfortable body indention develops, you can flip the mattress and start fresh. Unfortunately this means the national brands do not sell enough.

I can't guess how long your mattress will last as it will depend on how much cheap foam (the weakest link) is in the comfort layers and how well you take care of it. As far as alternatives, California has one of the best traditional mattress companies in McRoskey ( If money is no object, you could check out the swedish built Hastens mattresses. Very popular on this site are the custom all-latex mattresses where you get to choose all your layers yourself and build your own mattress, these don't have springs at all but use long lasting latex foam, example Flobeds. All of these can be found in California.

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Re: mattress pros please educate me about-BOX SPRINGS vs FOUNDATION
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Yes, I think you should be concerned.  I just got burned on a Stearns & Foster set.  The materials used in a conventional set from the "S" companies  are not of the quality that I remember from my childhood.  Read the extensive posts in this site and decide for yourself.  I wish I had done that before I wasted almost $3,000 last year.
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Ian has made some great recommendations regarding mattress companies with "true" boxsprings.

If you are the East coast and want to try out some fine established mattress manufactures some choices are CH Beckley -

and Gardner Mattress-

Both offer handmade mattresses and both offer you the option of an actual boxspring as opposed to a foundation.


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AHA!  More answers!   There was a bed in the showroom of my bed maker called  "coil on coil".  It felt wonderful.  I just now asked him what was in it, and he said it was more like two mattesses together.  More expensive than the big S companies care to fork out.
It makes sense that this bed would last longer.   Hmmn....just when I thought I had it figured out...
Oh, btw calmom, most beds do have this "foundation" instead of a spring foundation.  Not sure if it is bad or good.  I had a S and F and the foundation was warped from day one.  When the mattress itself got a body impression and my low back started to hurt, they sent a rep out.  The rep ignored the warped foundation, said the body impression was normal and reported that I didn't have proper support in the frame(what  a load of bs, I had the exact appropriate frame as called for on their own brochure!).   She invalidated any warranty I had and I will never ever ever ever buy a S and F again.  Grrrrrr.
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Re: mattress pros please educate me about-BOX SPRINGS vs FOUNDATION
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Warranties are a joke in the mattress industry. It's next to impossible to collect on one. You're at the mercy of an inspector whose job is basically to make some excuse why it's your fault the mattress is sagging, rather than their fault for making a crappy mattress. The best thing you can do is to buy from a store with a good reputation for customer service who will go to bat for you. Manufacturers are more concerned with maintaining the good will of their retailers than they are with maintaining yours. It's really a sad commentary on the state of today's mattress industry.

Kait--you should have called the store if they delivered a warped foundation and insisted they exchange it. It's always better to deal with the merchant whenever possible rather than the manufacturer. No one should have to accept defective merchandise.

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I did contact the store...they didn't care.  Told me to deal directly with the manufacturer.   Later, my husband dropped by and told them just how made they'd made me.  I'd had two bad Restonic mattesses prior to that and had flatly told them that their product had better be superior.  HA.  Never again.  Never.

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